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What is ChalkTalk?
ChalkTalk is an online platform that aims to lend an ear and give a voice to all those struggling in the pursuit of education; be it administrators, teachers, parents, students and community members.

Where can I access ChalkTalk?
You can find ChalkTalk on web browsers on any desktop computer, laptop, tablet or Smartphone.

How do I find content on a specific topic on ChalkTalk?
There are two ways to quickly and easily find what you are looking for on our site:

  1. Hover over Content Categoriesin the menu and click on the type of articles you’re looking for.
  2. Word search the content you are looking for (e.g. school, parenting, class work, tuitions etc.)

How can I print articles from ChalkTalk?
Hit “Print” in the bottom toolbar, and then click once on every page you want to print. A printer icon will appear at the top of each page once you have selected it. When you have selected the full range of pages you want to print, hit the red “Print” button.

How can I follow ChalkTalk on social media?
You can like us on Facebook | Instagram | Youtube.

How can I get permission to reprint or repost an article?
We encourage you to make use of the material published on our site. You can email us for permission at [email protected].

How do I submit an article, photograph or video?
Read our Contributor’s Guidelines.

Who are you associated with?
ChalkTalk is published by Revelation Inc, an independent content agency with more than 17 years of experience in delivering smart, persuasive content across key owned, earned and paid channels. For more information, please visit

Do you have job openings and internships?
Yes, you can find out more on the career page

How can I help promote ChalkTalk?
Tell your friends, share our content on social media, be a contributor, help promote our cause in any way possible.

How can I advertise on ChalkTalk?
Please visit our Advertising page for more details.

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