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Protecting Kids From Sweltering Heat


Protecting Kids From Sweltering Heat

Protecting Kids From Sweltering Heat

With extreme temperatures in most part of the country and children at home, it is mandatory to take care of ourselves and them and save everyone from the counter effects of the scorching heat these days because the UV rays these days suffice to burn your skin and the weather is enough to cause extreme dryness and dehydration. Global warming has contributed a lot towards the rising temperatures unlike a few years ago when summers were not that harsh on us.

Being a parent, it is our duty to protect our little munchkins and take care of their well being and nutrition. Let’s jot down some easy steps to tackle the summers and our children.

1. Keeping them hydrated
Children tend to become dehydrated faster than adults because of their active nature and smaller bodies. Their activity level is higher than us and thus their bodies consume more water and drain their energies quicker. Ensure that your kids( more than 6 months old) remain well-hydrated throughout the day. Offer them water and other liquid drinks. Try a fusion of fresh fruit juices, lemonade, mint drinks and even lassi.

2. Weather friendly clothes
Make sure to provide light clothing for your children. It should be light in colours, fabric and weight. Over-doing the clothing or wearing weather-inappropriate clothes can result in health damage.

3. Keep an outdoor kit ready
Make a box containing supplies for whenever you go outdoors. It should contain sunscreen, sunglasses, a hat or cap, an extra pair of clothing, an umbrella, a pair of slippers, a body spray and a small towel. You might need any of these when exposing to direct sunlight.

4. Keep temperatures cooler at home
Since not everyone is able to afford air conditions, look for desi and cheaper ways to keep your room temperature maintained.

5. Showers and baths
Make sure to offer more time for water plays and baths than usual. Let them splish splash water daily in the afternoon so that they can relax and have some fun time. Examine the water temperatures too. It should be lukewarm and not hot. You can also add a few drops of rose water. It will help their bodies to remain cooler while they have some fun play time.

How do you protect your kids in summers?

Taskeen Fatima is a post teenage adult and a computer science graduate. She is a passionate reader with a flair for writing. Mother to a boy and a freelance content writer by profession, she is also a thalassophile by nature and a mommy blogger by hobby!

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