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A Chit-Chat with Nabila Iftikhar – Founder of Karachi Mom Bloggers


A Chit-Chat with Nabila Iftikhar – Founder of Karachi Mom Bloggers

A Chit-Chat with Nabila Iftikhar – Founder of Karachi Mom Bloggers

The perspective of motherhood over the years has changed and now as we see it, it has become more productive with a lot more things and duties than just raising a child and looking after the families. Women as mothers are now investing more on themselves for their own sanity and grooming while also assisting in their home finances. There are many new terms that are now associated with a mother such as a stay at home mom, working mom and mompreneur and whatever category she belongs to, a mother is now seen utilizing the best of her talents and abilities to render her services for the society and not just her family.

Along with this change, there are now many groups and online communities established to gather mothers and bring them under one umbrella where they can socialize and share hearts and thoughts with fellow mothers. One such group is Karachi Mom Bloggers that is managed and run by multi-talented Nabila Iftikhar.

Let’s have a chat with her and find out more about her, KMB and her perspective about motherhood.

ChalkTalk: Tell us a little about yourself. What do you do?

Nabila: I am an ex-HR Professional, stay at home mom of one, single elder daughter of the family and an entrepreneur, I am Nabila Iftikhar. I run my blog name 365. Diaries where I love to share the real side of motherhood/parenting and child development. Also a real big supporter of empowering women. I am also the founder of Karachi Mom Bloggers online community and owner of an online dessert business named Cioccolato. I don’t only call myself Mompreneur but also a Chocoprenuer.

ChalkTalk: How did you come up with Karachi Mom Bloggers?

Nabila: Mom Blogging has always been so underrated in Pakistan and has never been in the limelight as a fashion/lifestyle/food blogger are. In western countries, mom bloggers get all due credit from brands and PR agencies and have always been appreciated for the efforts they make towards their content. Due to lack of proper market for mom bloggers in Pakistan, mommy bloggers who were blogging since long were not getting the attention of brands and PR agencies. Hence, lots of exploitation. Seeing this gap, I have gathered all genuine and hardworking mom bloggers on one platform to establish a mom blogging market in Pakistan together.

ChalkTalk: What is it about?

Nabila: Karachi Mom Bloggers is an online community where 15 mom bloggers work, support and grow together. Under KMB umbrella, every mom blogger blogs for a specific topic related to motherhood/parenting and has their related audience market. Through our relevant content and proper marketing strategies, each one of the mom bloggers is establishing mom blogging market in Pakistan and making brands realize the importance of their blogs’ existence.

ChalkTalk: How are Karachi Mom Bloggers serving the purpose of women empowerment?

Nabila: People who know me can vouch for me being a real supporter of empowering women. Not only KMB encourages empowering women in many ways through its content, but I also try my best to portray/support/promote women-led business in my blog. The theme of first KMB meet up was “For the women, by the women” where we collaborated with only women-led businesses to give them exposure and due credit.

ChalkTalk: Mothers before never thought about taking some time out for themselves. Why in your opinion has the perspective changed now?

Nabila: Since the last few years, the whole concept of ‘being a woman’ and ‘being a mother’ has changed drastically. Thankfully, our generation is taking a lead in changing those societal norms and values which demean the women rights. Now women of this generation know their right and are ready to respond wisely when they put into “Wife/Mother” role. Mom Bloggers has a huge contribution in making today’s women realize that it’s okay to think about yourself and it’s not selfish to choose you first.

ChalkTalk: What is motherhood to you?

Nabila: For me, motherhood is living another life in the life you have been given. It’s not a phase, not a situation, not an agreement. It’s a whole different life you live when you become Mother. Motherhood not only gives you a little creature to play, but it also gives you various lessons, various fears and a whole new perspective to live this NEW LIFE.

ChalkTalk: Any message you want to give on account of mothers day?

Nabila: Mommies, always remember there is a reason that you have been bestowed this designation by your Creator. Nobody, I say it again NOBODY can do this with this strength, with this patience and with this intellectuality as you can do. Hang in there! You are doing the best.

Happy Mothers Day from ChalkTalk to all moms out there. 🙂

Taskeen Fatima is a post teenage adult and a computer science graduate. She is a passionate reader with a flair for writing. Mother to a boy and a freelance content writer by profession, she is also a thalassophile by nature and a mommy blogger by hobby!

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