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Say ‘NO’ to Over-Parenting Yet Raise Successful Kids


Say ‘NO’ to Over-Parenting Yet Raise Successful Kids

Say ‘NO’ to Over-Parenting Yet Raise Successful Kids

Raising kids is one of the toughest jobs in the world. It is more of a duty, a responsibility towards which you have to give your hundred per cent. In the action of doing so, the biggest challenge that a parent has to face is being in the lines without doing access and acquiring the desired result. Over-parenting comes under helicopter parenting and very less of parenting is regarded as permissive parenting.

It is therefore advised to maintain a balance and nurture happy and healthy kids. But how to maintain that balance?
Let us have a look below.

1. Show your kids that you value their presence
Children are great observers from the very beginning they gain a conscience. They see you as their role models. Show them how important they are to you by removing all distractions and paying attention to whatever they have to say while coming to you. Ask them questions about their day at school and take opinions regarding matters of mutual interest.

2. Make them in charge of things they own
If you want to instil a sense of responsibility in your kids, give them things they can own and teach them how to take care of them. Assign them small tasks and assist them in the completion process. Children love to see their parents helping them.

3. Assign them small tasks and chores at home
Involving kids in house chores has many benefits in the long run. It gives them that sudden impulse needed to start off and finish work when the time asks for so. They don’t depend upon others and become self-sufficient for themselves to lead a happy life.

4. Everything matters
They are many little acts that are being observed and evaluated by the kids at home. Even the tone we speak it is being measured. How much time a parent gives to its child and small acts like hugging and kissing has a deep impact on the fragile brains and if it is all about positivity, then they surely take it and learn from it.

5. Don’t focus on raising a happy kid
In the parenting race, everyone wants to please their kids and make sure they are happy by whatever they are provided with. This doesn’t guarantee their well-being. Rather, raising productive kids with strong moral and social values is what matters and parenting if done the right way, automatically nourished children that are happy with their life.

So let’s follow these points and make sure that we raise good kids without any tinge of over or under-parenting.

Taskeen Fatima is a post teenage adult and a computer science graduate. She is a passionate reader with a flair for writing. Mother to a boy and a freelance content writer by profession, she is also a thalassophile by nature and a mommy blogger by hobby!

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