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Supreme Court Regrets Failing in Provision of Quality Education


Supreme Court Regrets Failing in Provision of Quality Education

Supreme Court Regrets Failing in Provision of Quality Education

There has been a lot going on regarding the increase in private schools fee in Pakistan. Parents are bound to send their children to private school because the government school lack the quality of education and other basic facilities. However, the supreme court regrets to admit the country’s failure towards providing free education towards its pupil as per the constitutional obligation.
The chief justice has asked the federal and provincial assembly to inform about how they are fulfilling their duty towards free and basic education for all under article 25-A.

Private schools have been seen demanding an extra fee from parents in the name of developmental changes in the school which is not justified by any means. The fee structure is bound to be revised every three years as Justice Faisal Arab said in the meeting.

Unfortunately, due to government school failing the required criteria of imparting quality education for one and for all, parents are bound to enrol their children in private schools and pay the fees that the school demands because there is no other option available. The chief justice regretted to admit this and observed that the regulatory authority cannot regulate private educational institutions in the same way as the courts cannot order one airline to receive an equal amount of fare from an established airline.
Earlier in December, the supreme court announced slashing of an extra fee by 5000 Rupees.

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In addition to this, the court also emphasized the need for taking necessary steps and developing a proper mechanism to counter resistance on the part of private sp that the fee hike can be monitored and justified and the schools can be examined for the facilities, the number of students in every class, teacher and staff and related factors.

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