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A dialogue with Faizullah Arain


A dialogue with Faizullah Arain

A dialogue with Faizullah Arain

Faizullah Arain is a young 18 years old boy who is a technology entrepreneur and also the founder of the ‘Crighter App’ and the ‘JumpNCatch’ game. He has been credited as the youngest Pakistani game developer in 2017 and has made a presence in a couple of video interviews on famous channels and websites.

We approached Faizullah to had a chit-chat with him and know more details about his works in technology. Read on…

ChalkTalk: What is your educational background?

Faizullah: I am a science student currently completing my intermediate.

ChalkTalk: What is the one achievement that made you renowned?

Faizullah: I have gained recognition through ‘Crighter App’ that I designed. Prior to this app, I also designed a game but Crighter has done wonders in making me famous.

ChalkTalk: Please tell us more about Crighter App. What is it about and how does it work?

Faizullah: Crighter App is basically security and an emergency application and assists in a situation where a person is completely helpless. A user simply sings up, fills in details and authorizes a person. That authorized person can be anyone from your family, friends, relatives, group leader. After registering, you are able to log in.

Whenever a person may feel threatened or endangered, he should press the power button three times. That enables the back camera to capture three pictures along with your audio and location. All this data automatically goes to the authorized person’s email as well as the location is also sent via text message. The Internet isn’t necessary for this.

This app is available internationally too.

ChalkTalk: When did you discover your passion for coding?

Faizullah: I discovered it when I was around 14 years old. I was in 8th class back then when I professionally started working on coding.

ChalkTalk: How did you start your journey?

Faizullah: Firstly, when I started it back in 8th class, I joined an institute and took part in a 6 months course. I had to leave it after that because my studies started getting affected, therefore I started self-learning. In the beginning, I tried my hands with web development. I used to design websites and give them to my clients internationally to generate pocket money. I stayed in the field of web development for around 2 and a half years. After that, I started designing applications and gaming models.

In 2017, I launch a game and in 2018 I designed and launched a product.

ChalkTalk: What hurdles did you face in this journey of yours that combined coding and designing initially?

Faizullah: As far as difficulties are concerned, I used to encounter failures a lot. Once I designed 200 projects when I started web development out of which only one project got selected. On single project used to take an entire day for its completion so you can say that after two hundred days, I got my reward.

ChalkTalk: Who has been your biggest support throughout your journey?

Faizullah: My family has been very supportive in this regard especially my dad. He always supported me and never stopped me from pursuing my dreams. After that, there was a teacher of mine. He used to teach me the computer. Credit goes to him as well. And not to forget Allah Ta’ala who helped me on every step and I was able to do it.

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ChalkTalk: Parents initially want their children to give their best in academics and then focus somewhere else. What’s your take on this?

Faizullah: As I said earlier, I started self-learning only for the fact that my academics were getting disturbed. Even the teachers asked my parents to let me focus on studies because they are more important. Hence, I had to leave the course despite my unwillingness. Parental consent is always important in a child’s life.

My parents supported me while I self-learnt different things too. There are many who motivate you while others de-motivate you. It depends solely upon you about which path to choose for yourself.

ChalkTalk: Do you think our media gives enough coverage to young Pakistani talent and recognizes them?

Faizullah: I believe that either it is for their news or any blog, if people see enough potential in the news they will be covering, they will highlight it at all cost. They will surely promote new talent at the condition that highlighting it will benefit them and make them earn a profit.

ChalkTalk: Where do you see yourself in the next ten years? Any specific goal you would want to achieve by then?

Faizullah: In the next ten years, I see myself as an owner and a founder of a company. My goal is to establish an IT industry that shall promote new and young Pakistani talent. We shall launch our products and focus to take it up to the level that Google approaches us.

India’s IT industry is very ahead of us. It is the hub of IT technology that comprises of pure talent, the reason being special grooming of its students whereas if we take Karachi alone, there are hardly 25 computer colleges in the population of around 2.5 crores. This is the main reason we are not being able to advance in technology and lag behind.

For a developing country, it is very essential to have a good tech industry and so I plan to do something for the same cause in the next ten years Inshallah.

ChalkTalk: One message you would like to give to youngsters who are interested in coding and design.

Faizullah: I would like to say that please follow your passion, not necessarily coding and design. Academics do get affected as mine did. I was an A+ student and then my grades reduced to A and then fell to B too. It was because I was trying to manage both and if you do so, you might be able to balance both but you cannot top in either one.
Just pay no heed to what others say to you or how they demotivate you. If you think you have the potential and you will be able to do something, just follow it and Inshallah God will help you.

And that was all.

We wish Faizullah all the very best for all his future ventures and may he continue making his country proud.

Taskeen Fatima is a post teenage adult and a computer science graduate. She is a passionate reader with a flair for writing. Mother to a boy and a freelance content writer by profession, she is also a thalassophile by nature and a mommy blogger by hobby!

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