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Parenting Taboos We Find Hard To Accept


Parenting Taboos We Find Hard To Accept

Parenting Taboos We Find Hard To Accept

Parenting comes with a lot of joys and challenges and those who embrace it with all its part and parcels seem to enjoy this roller-coaster ride completely. They say, the birthing process is much easier compared to the raising part that has to be embraced by all parents and the feelings are mutual for all round the globe. Many parents go through their own set of challenges and obstacles that come in way of raising their children among which anxiety, depression, sleep deprivation, poor nourishment and maintaining work life balance exist to name a few.

Let’s have a look at some problems that are considered taboo in the society we live in and parents find it harder to talk about those publicly until they come in contact with someone who is going through the same.

1. Finding difficulty in embracing motherhood
Many a times, new mothers seem to be struggling with this new responsibility in the shape of a tiny human they gave birth too and stress over this latest role of becoming a mother. Postpartum depression also hits many and looking after anyone else becomes an ordeal. Crying out of no reason, seeing yourself as failing to cope up with tasks daily and thinking of the new person as an intruder between you and your husband is something that mothers face a lot but let me tell you, it is all absolutely normal.

2. Fretting over baby’s gender
Every one of us has preferences for everything. Food, desert, favorite colors, social media apps, dressing styles and there’s a never-ending list. Similarly, it is not wrong to prefer one gender over the other. If someone wishes for a boy, there’s nothing wrong with praying for it. You have to develop acceptability to welcome whatever God decides to bless you with and it will all become okay.

3. Favoritism
It has been widely seen among parents who have more than one child. At times, there is that child how enjoys all perks being the favorite of his/her parents. He/she is the most pampered one who is widely cosseted by parents and other family members. Mostly the youngest one happens to be the most favorite one though it can be anyone.

If so is the case with you, do not feel low about treating your children differently and discriminating them. Instead, try to shower each one of them with love and make your favoritism less obvious otherwise it may give birth to sibling rivalry.

4. Feeling guilty about choices you made
Always remember, once you have stepped into the parenthood phase, you are no longer answerable to anyone about the choices and decisions you make. Breast-feed or bottle-feed, daily bath or alternate days, afternoon nap or no sleep, it is only you who have the authority to decide about yourself and your child. People tend to bring you down but you can’t please everybody. So as long as you and your child are happy and healthy, keep flaunting your parenting styles and choices.

5. Envying your child
Every one of us has had a different childhood along with a different time. While parents continue to strive for providing a better childhood and secure future to their kids, there come times when they start envying their own child and his childhood. But we need to remember that their times are different with ours and thus falling in complex with respect to our unfulfilled wishes shouldn’t come out as negativity while raising our kid.

What are your thought on this? Can you relate to any one of the above points? Do let us know via comments.

Taskeen Fatima is a post teenage adult and a computer science graduate. She is a passionate reader with a flair for writing. Mother to a boy and a freelance content writer by profession, she is also a thalassophile by nature and a mommy blogger by hobby!

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