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Co-Sleeping VS Crib Sleeping


Co-Sleeping VS Crib Sleeping

Co-Sleeping VS Crib Sleeping

Talking about these two is like you are deciding between ‘Safety’ and ‘Bonding’, both of which are equally essential for the kids to be provided by you. Both the sleeping methods come with their own set of pros and cons and it is totally upon the parents to decide the either one. Let’s analyze these two methods of sleeping and jot some points down keeping in mind that whatever suits your baby is the perfect method for you.

It is widely believed that co-sleeping is linked to SIDS (Sudden Infant Death Syndrome). In policy statement of 2005, the American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) warned that it was associated with an increase in SIDS. “There is no evidence that co-sleeping can be done safely,” said John Kattwinkel, M.D., chairperson of the AAP’s Task Force on SIDS.

While many of us consider it the easiest way to tend to our child’s need immediately this way, SIDS is a major danger that comes with co-sleeping. However, it hasn’t been true for all and there are many parents who claim to have co-slept in the initial years and in return bonded well with their children. After all, who doesn’t want to wake up to a cute little baby all cuddled up next to you?

Crib Sleeping:
Another sleeping method that is practiced is crib/cot sleeping. Parents who prefer so enjoy the freedom and their bed space. Also, it helps in making the later transition of cot to bed easier since the child is already used to sleeping independently.

Opting for crib-sleeping myself as a mother, it came with its own set of only pros and no cons for me. Once you enter motherhood, you yourself get so immune to your kid that his one cry can make you jump out of your bed to attend to his needs. Many a times, I couldn’t remember when did my child woke up in the middle of night and I fed him.

Having said this, which ever method you choose is the right one for you as long as the baby is cooperating. Because parenthood gives you the complete authority to decide for you and your kids without being answerable to anyone.

Taskeen Fatima is a post teenage adult and a computer science graduate. She is a passionate reader with a flair for writing. Mother to a boy and a freelance content writer by profession, she is also a thalassophile by nature and a mommy blogger by hobby!

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