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Women In Different Roles In The Society

Women's Day Week Special

Women In Different Roles In The Society

Women In Different Roles In The Society

Women from the very start have been serving in four main roles namely daughter, sister, wife, and a mother. They have been catering to the entire home as well as providing their services for the welfare of their society, country and the world.

On account of women’s week, today we decided to collect stories of women in different roles with their own set of difficulties and challenges yet they are grappling with them all and doing their best in respective fields.

Eman Tariq
Being an army officer’s wife she says,
“Marry me. These two words change your life. That’s how I experienced them. Earth shattering, ground breaking, real yet unreal. He asked me straightforward and I never hesitated. In an instance my whole life changed. For someone who had a successful I’ll be a CEO in five years plan, who believed in spending time till you get tired of the other person’s face, who believed that she could never teach now has to shift once and sometimes twice in a year, is best friends with the milkman of some remote area in the mountains, usually spends anniversaries and birthdays with her dog. We don’t know what the next second would bring. One day you’re fighting about who wears whose socks and the very next day your Husband is sent to the border to fight for the safety of the very people who are his biggest critics. Even after all the uncertainty and fear, I would still choose this life. I would still own the broken down furniture. I would still look out the window to see if he’s there. I would do it with my head held high. Because I am the wife of a soldier.”

Mehak Hussain
“Becoming a mom has always been a dream for me and especially that if Allah wills my first born should be a daughter. But as time passed and the excitement settled I started worrying about my own work. I am an event planner and rest I can leave up to your imagination about what and how we work. We have good days long days bad days and what not. Fast forward after my delivery we travelled back to Pakistan with little Shahlyla and lots of dreams, fears and the longing to meet family but also the desire to be back to my old routine. As soon as I landed I got a call from a famous tv channel to design their set and I only had a few days left. I was not prepared, jet lagged, small baby, allergies hit me but what was in the back of my mind was that this is an opportunity to come back in the market after 3 months.

My family came to the forefront and said we will take care of the baby you go. Since then my journey started again of coming back to the field. I will not say that I did as I was doing before but yes I did get the strength to start women entrepreneur exhibitions. I won’t say I have excelled a lot, but with all the struggles that we have the guilt factor is the most killing. If we don’t have family support we working moms cannot move and inch. We moms continuously struggle to give time to home, family ourselves and excel in work. This trying to balance everything makes us give the best to ourselves and the people around us as much as we can.”

Sadaf H. Yasir
“Working for 10 years in the corporate world and dealing different brands and marketing agencies was something I totally enjoyed. But times change and priorities do as well. After my second kid I decided to call it quit and give my kids the time that they deserve and the moments that I would miss enjoying in future. At home it’s a 24/7/365 job but then I always wanted to achieve something of my own and hence decided to be a mompreneur once my son turned 7 months. SWEEDUCTIONS started off as an attempt to spread love through homemade oven fresh gift packaged food. SWEEDUCTIONS and kids together are a challenge with one going to school exams assignments projects and other teething, falling sick, growing, learning etc but it’s all about how u deal with challenges. I organize, prioritize and manage time accordingly. I work when the kids are asleep or at school. I plan around their demands. I bake alongside teaching them. I involve my daughter with designing , wrapping and helping around but it does get hectic. My idea of letting this continue and growing is to teach my kids how WOMEN can and should pursue ambitions , dreams and passions and grow as individuals.”

Samina Faisal
“People never take you seriously! They never look beyond the artist in us who’s juggling work, life, kids, and everything around them with all the stress, anxiety, passion, dreams, aspirations. Clients and partners are skeptical of doing business with home based entrepreneurs. It surely is exhausting, isolating, overwhelming, stressful and above all doesn’t pay you well to enjoy a social life with friends over the weekend- because there are no weekends! Everything revolves around family and customer demands. It’s a trap I found out later when I actually had to be up taking calls and scheduling services at customer convenience not mine. Time Management and to-do-lists look fancy as they sound but in fact they are the carrot we all run after tiring. But at the end of the day when you see your “WHY” being served well, it all pays off in terms of happy kids, problems solved, values exchanged with all the stakeholders and above all a proud husband who is in it with you standing tall fixing things so I can focus on what I love doing from the comfort of my home in my PJs while working from my smart phone reading that 5 star review smiling and feeling proud of my decision to quit the 9-9 job and lead my own venture to be close to my kids and home yet making a difference in a male dominating industry of pest control and home improvement.”

Women no matter whatever they do are judged. They are judged being a daughter and a sister. They are questioned being a wife and a mother. They are taken for granted when the sole purpose behind their efforts and sacrifices is the wellness of their home, their family and the society.

It a high time we break all stereotypes, empower women, support them, provide them with ample platforms, work for their rights and fix their crowns so that they can pass on their abilities and talents to the next generation.

Taskeen Fatima is a post teenage adult and a computer science graduate. She is a passionate reader with a flair for writing. Mother to a boy and a freelance content writer by profession, she is also a thalassophile by nature and a mommy blogger by hobby!

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