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Working Moms Juggling Their Careers With Family Responsibilities

Women's Day Week Special

Working Moms Juggling Their Careers With Family Responsibilities

Working Moms Juggling Their Careers With Family Responsibilities

Earlier, we talked about Stay at Home Moms and their struggles. Today we shall discuss about working moms and the challenges they face because this week is meant to celebrate women and honor them for their existence.

Womanhood comes with a great deal of responsibilities to fulfill and considerable amount of duties to perform. And when you become a mother, the word ‘endless’ attaches to both automatically. Stay at home moms have their own set of difficulties and then there are working moms who move to and fro between their work and family life, meeting the challenges at their offices and raising their kids at home. From attending formal meetings at their work places to arranging dinners at home, there is plenty that they go through, both emotionally and physically. Whatever reasons they have to choose work, they are contributing towards the benefit of this society by doing a good turn to the corporate sectors as well as raising good citizens. Hence, their efforts cannot be ignored.

We approached a few multi-talented working moms and asked them about their daily life challenges. Let’s see what they shared with us.

Bea Malik Of DrCardamom

“‘Mom guilt’ is for real especially for doctor moms like me. I have a flourishing career which I achieved at the expense of over a decade of my youth, tears, sleepless nights as well as my parents’ hard work and prayers. I feel guilty thinking of the prospect of not working and I also feel guilty thinking of how much of my time my daughter misses out on.
For decades women have fought for rights and equality, we still didn’t quite achieve it. We ended up with more duties considering managing our homes and careers. Fortunately, the gap is slowly closing with helpful husbands like mine.

My daughter very young to understand, but I believe one day she will be proud to know how hard her mother has worked and wouldn’t want things any other way for me. She would not want a vital part of my identity to wither away. My career is one of my characteristics. Thus, I will continue to work for this and many other reasons.”

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ShaharBano Of The Me In Mommy

“So being a working mother comes with its set of boons and banes both. The benefits are slightly more I would say, but the challenges nevertheless remain. The biggest challenge of being a working mother, according to me, is that you keep feeling torn between wanting to do something and spending more time with the kids. You want to work and then be at home too. Time management is yet another issue, because as the kids keep growing up so does their work and your responsibility.

Your support system is again another key influencing element because without a reliable system in place to leave the kids working isn’t possible.

And finally the biggest challenge for a working mother in Pakistan is that the organizations are not yet adapted to the concept of how to facilitate working mothers, and therefore are not conducive at all. There is hardly any concept of flexible working hours or reduced working days in majority of the organizations”

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I love everything about my work. Like every bit of it. The projects, the exposure, the meetings, the deadlines, the boss, the team sub kuch! But this time of the year (and January) is what I find the toughest. This is the time when I have to have the performance management and alignment discussions with each of my team member. Here I have to tell them who is doing what right and what can be better. And telling them so is the toughest part because all of them are good at what they do. So deciding who does the good better and who does it best and who lies between the spectrum of good, better and best is a very mushkil kaam taubah! What is the toughest conversation that you have ever had to have? P.S: Yes I am wearing an orange lipstick. Yooo!!✌ #toughconversations #bosslady #ilovemywork #orangelipstick #thankgodforwork #bossblogger #mommyblogger #pakistaniblogger #desiblogger #themeinmommy

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Dr. Sarah Zia Of The Medic Mommy

“I had been a stay home mom for quite a long term, but recently I decided to restart work. As a doctor it had been a bumpy ride for me, as my kids were growing and I loved being with them, until recently when I decided that I need to switch over and start working and now was the time to push forward my career.

The struggles of a SAHM and a working mom are non-comparable. I have to wind up all the household chores, pre-cook food, make sure kids are well fed, bathed, their studies are another chapter of my life and then it’s a quick rush to the hospital and then thinking of all that goes behind my back at home and returning to gazillions of stories and sibling storms.

Although work isn’t a big hassle, but then as usual workplace politics that leave a woman super exhausted. As a working mom, hardly anyone considers the pressures. There are workplace and family commitments, you have to be on time, not many offs and completion of assignments. The only best thing is a supportive husband and family in this situation. My husband and family (especially my mother) support has made it possible for me to be prompt and balance my life Alhamdolillah!”

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Ayesha Nasir Of Scary Ammi

“Before I became a mommy, I was eager to have a high-powered career. After I became a mother, I wanted to have it all. I was determined to become one of those women who juggle demanding jobs while raising beautiful children. But I soon realized this perfection was an illusion. As a journalist I had to work long hours especially because my eldest son was born in the midst of a busy news year. After an 18 hours stretch, I no longer had the energy to play with him. I would steal out of the house when he was sleeping and return when he was again asleep. Somewhere along the line, I realized it wasn’t worth it. Missing the milestones, my children were achieving while being an absent mom was just not the way to go. So I decided to start working from home. Running my own business is maybe harder in some ways than being employed but at least now I can take my laptop to the tennis courts instead of just missing out on seeing my daughter play altogether.”

Which mom are you? SAHM or a working Mom?

Taskeen Fatima is a post teenage adult and a computer science graduate. She is a passionate reader with a flair for writing. Mother to a boy and a freelance content writer by profession, she is also a thalassophile by nature and a mommy blogger by hobby!

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