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Stay at Home Moms and Their Struggles


Stay at Home Moms and Their Struggles

Stay at Home Moms and Their Struggles

Women from all over the world have been contributing towards the amelioration of society by catering to everyone’s needs in different roles and rendering their services by staying at home or working at offices. We women born as daughters, than enjoy our titles being a sister, wife, and mother.

Talking about woman in the role of a mother, there are mainly two types. There is a working mom and then there’s a ‘stay at home mom’. While a working mom is assumed to be doing a lot, the challenges and struggles of stay at home moms are often ignored.

Today, we decided to take some SAHMs on board with us and let them discuss about problems they are grappling with. These women are mommy bloggers and have been saying a lot about uplifting women and supporting fellow mothers on their journey of motherhood.

Tamania Of Urdu Mom
“I have been a stay-at-home mother with my two kids after a long corporate career. When my daughter was born, I started studying and then worked part-time. However just before I had my son, I decided to become a full-time stay-at-home mother. I did get those nagging thoughts: “but what about your career plans”, “all your studies will go to waste”, “you will regret this” etc. It wasn’t just my thoughts, many people were kind enough to ask me these questions on my face.

I found my peace with all these thoughts and questions after making peace with my own decision. I realized that this was a decision extremely personal to me and my circumstances. Any of this can change any time.

But right now, I’m satisfied being at home with my children. That I’m enough and able. That like all things in life staying at home with my children is also a season and this too shall pass all too quickly. But I want to make the most of it while I can with those morning snuggles in bed, chats over the walk to school and afternoons collecting leaves in the garden.”

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Approximately one in two people with type 2 diabetes will die of heart disease. This Diabetes Awareness Month, it’s time for Canadians with diabetes to pause and think about their health, especially how their diabetes can put them at risk for other conditions. Having a sweet tooth is considered a common trait amongst families of South Asian descent, and the love of biryani, nihari, garlic naans and pulao runs in our veins as South Asians. But, did you know, Canadians of South Asian descent are two times more likely to develop type 2 diabetes than those with Caucasian European ancestry? Read more on (direct link in profile) #myheartmatters #diabetesawarenessmonth #sponsored

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Saima of a Super Tired Mom
“I am a stay at home mommy and have two hyper-active preschoolers who keep me on my toes all day. But that doesn’t mean I don’t have a job. I work from home and even before I started working, I was a full-time mommy. I don’t get a paycheck like working moms, but that doesn’t make me any less of a working mom. I get to hear this idealistic situation often that staying at home is a blessing and I am lucky I get to spend time with my kids.

That’s true, but everyone talks about the blessings that come with being stay-at-home, and nobody talks about the emotional struggles that moms face. SAHMs are like backup singers and they work equally hard, but don’t get all the appreciation. This women’s day, let’s appreciate motherhood equally, doesn’t matter SAHMs or working moms.”

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I am a stay at home mom and if you ask me what is the most difficult part of my life right now, I wouldn’t say it’s the dirty dishes or vacuuming the home or doing the laundry or wiping dirty hands. The hardest part is the LONELINESS. Now if you are thinking how can a mommy feel alone! Let me tell you about this more here. . The feeling of being INVISIBLE and EMPTY is terrible and I know many of you could relate to this because all stay at home moms feel this. . I know, I know, I know…. . There are kids around you, you should be feeling blessed and happy that God gave you kids and home and a loving husband but this is not a complain.. This is what every stay at home mom feels but fears to admit it. . Reason? People start judging her..bashing her… but I am here to tell you that don’t worry I will not judge you and I am here to tell you that it’s okay to say that you are not okay. . It’s okay to say you are not okay, but that doesn’t mean you are not a best mama. You are brave and stronger than you thought and your kids have the best mom in the world. If you don’t feel okay, say it, embrace it, share it, discuss it. That’s okay! . I want you to say it loud: I WILL SAY I AM NOT OKAY WHEN I AM NOT AND THERE IS NOTHING TO BE FEARFUL OF! . . Full post link in the bio❤️ . . . #asupertiredmom #riyadhblogger #momlife #momofboys #mombloggers #motherhoodrising #motherhoodunplugged #superhero #supermom #islamabadblogger #pakistanibloggers #islamabadians #islamabadstreetstyle #islamabadfashion #islamabadmomblogger #islamabaddiaries #momlife

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Afsheen Of Blessed with The Best Mommy
“Back in 2017 my life took a turn and we ended up shifting to Dubai which ended up making me demotivated as I was back to point zero in this new region. Being a SAHM, I knew I had to get myself back on track by motivating me out of this self-proclaimed misery.

Some rituals I follow every single day to stay motivated is to take care of my own self first. I freshen up myself, wear nice clothes and make myself presentable before going forward with my day. I love baking, so I started doing customized orders and occasionally I enroll in baking workshops where I meet with amazing likeminded talented people.

I don’t let social media affect me, if something is not very realistic I un-follow that trend. I don’t isolate myself inside the house. I have joined relevant mom’s events agencies where I can mingle and have good social exposure. I watch some light-hearted comedy movies and read good books. All of this goes side by side my home chores. I just prioritize and manage what needs to be done at what stage.”

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It is reported that in Solomon Islands, when local people want to bring down any tree which is too big to chop off, they all gather around that tree and start cursing and yelling at it. The negative energy damages tree’s life energy and after being abused for around 30 days the tree dies and come down itself. . . . Now why am I giving you this reference? As much there is no authenticity to this report, I would like to draw your attention to a very common practice of our society. If you are even a little bit of socially aware, then you must know what happened in Lahore recently. We as a person are so keen to give opinions and spread out negative energy that it slowly becomes a belief and eventually changes the whole vibe of a person’s mind. In the name of constructive feedback or starting our sentences with “No Offence”, we have gone past the boundaries of being supportive and excel in unappreciative behavior. Repeating insulting phrases, making someone feel like a rotten egg & giving looser vibes on a continuous basis, to the most positive and happy person can destroy them from the core. No wonder with our words, we have the ability of sucking the happiness out of a person and create one miserable one for sure in a matter of few months. . . . Any relationship or friendship who keep saying such things to you, there should be no regret in saying goodbye to them for good. . . ✨Value yourself a little more. ✨Accept the way things are. ✨Love yourself unconditionally. ✨Swear that you will not use your words as a source of negativity. . . . . . #blessedwiththebestmommy #uaebloggers #pakistanibloggers #dubaibloggers #dubaimomblogger #uaemombloggers #pakistanistreetstyle #pakistanimom #karachibloggers #modestfashionblogger #australianblogger #sydneyblogger #hijabibloggers #momblogger #muslimblogger #mombloggers #saynotobullying #besupportive #goodbehavior #nonegativity #startofnewmonth #december #december2018 #soontobe2019 #2019inabit #soulsisterspakistan #riprushaan @soulsisterspakistan #pakistaniladybloggers @pakistaniladybloggers #mentalhealthawareness #mentalhealthmatters

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Zara’s Inspirations
“For me, marriage was not as much as a big change as becoming a SAHM was. Suddenly, everything started revolving around my little bundle of joy. Priorities changed, responsibilities leveled up and life became way busier than ever before. As a SAHM, sleeping in late became a dream, quality time with the husband reduced drastically, food battles with the kiddos became never ending, I kind of mastered multitasking, yet still it often feels as though there aren’t enough hours in a day to get everything done. Besides, socializing dropped to almost zero, but this didn’t affect me much as I was never too social anyway. All in all, life became a little overwhelming!

A SAHM’s mind and body is on the roll every second of the day, and finding even a little bit of ME-time is like a breath of fresh air! I hardly get to enjoy this beautiful breeze on a daily basis, which is a major bummer considering my introverted personality. Motherhood is a bitter sweet journey and I actually enjoy being a SAHM – it has its own set of perks just like any other “profession”.

Are you a SAHM? Can you relate to this? Let us know about your daily challenges via comments.

Taskeen Fatima is a post teenage adult and a computer science graduate. She is a passionate reader with a flair for writing. Mother to a boy and a freelance content writer by profession, she is also a thalassophile by nature and a mommy blogger by hobby!

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