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Home Schooling VS Public Schooling


Home Schooling VS Public Schooling

Home Schooling VS Public Schooling

In the recent past, teaching methodologies have gone through a major evolution with an evident rise in the trends of home schooling. Though it’s not something new, but has become quite prevalent in the society now, and every 1 in 10 kids is seen to be taught at home while public schooling persists and majority still opts for sending their kids to a proper, conventional school.

Let’s jot down some points and see how children taught with either of the methods cope with it.

1. Socializing
This is the first and foremost aspect that comes into mind when people say ‘Home Schooling’. Kids hardly get to socialize and make new friends while being taught at home. While children who go to a proper school are able to make many friends. Other factors that seem to get affected are confidence building, sharing and caring element, adjusting in a new environment and team sports etc but that’s not always true.

2. Cost-effective
While public/private schools are expensive in terms of fee structure, home-schooling seems very inexpensive, but it’s not either. You need to invest in different supplies and search for learning plans for your kids to be at par with school-going children. But it’s still cheaper.

3. One-to One education
While class rooms are designed to cater 15-30 students at a time, a teacher hardly gets to involve with each child separately. The curriculum too is the same for all without much attention to weaknesses of a child.

Whereas homeschooling gives the parents a chance to bond with their kids and give them individualized attention. It also helps them focus on their struggling part and help them with what they are lacking at.

4. Flexible Time-Table
A public school has a strict schedule to follow that start from sharp 7:30 AM to 2:30 PM. And a student must abide by all rules and timings.

Home-schooling helps the parents set an easy-going and child friendly routine where the interaction is quite genial too. They can take as many vacations as they like and start studying whenever they want to. There is no hard and fast rule when it comes to home-schooling.

5. Absence of skilled and trained teachers
Homeschooling parents do not usually have a first-hand teaching experience and it’s both, the kid and the parent learning. This sometimes restrict them from imparting quality education as it is provided in schools. Absence of skilled and trained teachers surely effects the teaching methods.

Ultimately, No child is perfect and similarly no teaching method is perfect either. Everything has its own pros and cons so choose wisely because homeschooling after all requires a lot of your time and undivided attention towards your child.

Taskeen Fatima is a post teenage adult and a computer science graduate. She is a passionate reader with a flair for writing. Mother to a boy and a freelance content writer by profession, she is also a thalassophile by nature and a mommy blogger by hobby!

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