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9 Types of students at tuition centres…which one are you?


9 Types of students at tuition centres…which one are you?

9 Types of students at tuition centres…which one are you?

The tuition culture has always been prevalent in Pakistan but the last few years have seen a significant rise in students being tutored at home or in centres by ‘professional tutors’ (as most of them like to call themselves!)

Every mohalla has a tuition wali baji, tutoring students in multiple subjects. Then, there are the well-established academies and centres conducting evening classes (usually at HUGE cost to the parents! angry emoji) If you are a student in Pakistan or have been in the past, chances are that you have attended such centres at some point in your life. And either you are/were one of these types of students or you saw them every day!

1.“But abhi parhai poori nahi hui!”

These nerdy souls attend tuitions in the evening because studies in school are just not enough for them. They’ll grab at ANY opportunity to improve their final grades. Always busy reading, writing and even planning future study sessions, they are usually spotted sitting in the front row at tuition, with their heads buried in books.


Image source: sajalaly

2. “Ummm…coz EVERYONE’S going”

At the opposite end of the spectrum are those students who really don’t care about grades or studies. They just come to tuition centres because all the ‘cool’ kids do so Image result for EYEROLL EMOJI.

everyone is

Image soure: fako.insta

Who gives a rat’s ass about future discipline and goals??? “Buss, sab jaa rahay hain tou hum kyun peechay rahein?”

3. “Kyunke Abbu ne kaha hai”

And then there are those who are simply forced to go for tuitions by their families, due to their fear of having their child lag behind.

dad says so

Image source: indiaTV

“Aunty Rasheeda ka beta jaa raha hai tou mera bhi jayega!”

4. “Did you hear…?”

It’s a known fact (at least among the non-nerds) that tuition centres are the hubs for the latest gossip and mirch masala.


Image source: zindagi

“Do you know the new teacher is going out with the old Sir???”

“Oooooh have you seen that hunk who sits in the back row in the 7 p.m. Math slot with Ms. Shaheen? He’s soooooo cute!” Image result for heart EMOJI

5. “Just need an excuse to get out of the house!”

Some students have the most ridiculous reasons to attend coaching classes.
“Mujh se tou ghar mein parhai hoti hi nahi hai!”

Ummmm…so you can’t study in the comfort of your home environment and you’d rather go through the hassle of getting ready, putting your study material together and then going all the way to the tuition centre??? Not to mention the stress and monetary burden on your parents! Image result for angry EMOJI

leave the house

Image source: sabaqamarzaman

“Baray loag…bari baatein!”

6. “Don’t you just LOVE the latest OPI nail colours?”      

The fashionistas at tuitions, they catwalk their way to the class, thoroughly enjoying the heads turning as they pass by. They are ALWAYS dressed to kill in trendy clothes, shoes and makeup-that-looks-oh-so-natural!

And who can blame them? After spending the day restricted by the strict dress codes in schools, they have to let their hair down somewhere, right?

7. “Ahhhh I’m exhausted!”

These kids are just plain tired. And who wouldn’t be? They wake up early, go to school, and home is just a pit stop for lunch followed by tuitions till late evening. You’ll usually see them yawning their way through lectures and might even catch them napping once in a while!


Image source: Twitter

Poor things!

8. “But THAT’S not how…”

Sigh…these poor beings often feel that the responsibility of improving the education system lies on their delicate shoulders. You will often find them comparing the teaching methodologies of school and tuitions. “School ki teacher ne tou aisay nahi bataya tha!”


Image source: TEDx

When in school, they criticise their tutors and when at tuition, they criticise school.

What a life! Image result for sweat emoji

9. “Guys, there’s a FREE trial at Sir Hasan’s tuition…”

These are the students who come for the free trial classes. First they check the studies and environment to see if they are good enough for their ‘royal presence’ and then decide whether they will register or not.

free trial

Image source: Media Spring

They can often be found switching tuitions in search of ‘The One’ Image result for eye roll emoji

Which one of these can YOU relate to? Tell us in comments!

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