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Mark your calendars as e-Magine brings you Pakistan’s future ‘Visionaries’ this October


Mark your calendars as e-Magine brings you Pakistan’s future ‘Visionaries’ this October

Mark your calendars as e-Magine brings you Pakistan’s future ‘Visionaries’ this October

In recent years, schools in Pakistan have introduced programmes to enhance the applied knowledge of their students. While in the past, schools only held occasional exhibitions to display practical knowledge of students – especially in subjects like Science, Geography and Computer Studies – hands-on knowledge is gradually becoming more of a norm than isolated events in schools today.

And understandably so, since hands-on knowledge is what students today will need when they step into the real world. From Robotics to STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics) to STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, Mathematics), students as young as four-years-old are being given exposure to practical learning, both, in schools as well as in after-school programmes.

This is why ChalkTalk has partnered with E-magine – an organisation that understands the importance of hands-on learning – in their event called Visionaries 2.0. According to e-Magine’s founder and CEO, Huda Garib, “Our aim is to help the participants realise their true potential and come forth with innovative ideas and solutions in the fast-paced world of today.”

e-Magine encourages innovation through customised trainings and workshops targeted at individuals of all ages, industries and stage of life. In order to do this, they guide and mentor their trainees in the use of technology as well as working on improving their soft skills. Hence, they believe in hands-on training, interactive experiences and pacing each individual’s progress to his/her comfort.

students with mentor

e-Magine’s Visionaries event earlier this year. Image source: Facebook

Keeping in mind their slogan, ‘Where Young Minds Thrive…’ e-Magine launched its #DaretoEmagine initiative, bringing together innovators, future thinkers and change-makers. And now they have taken it a step further with Visionaries 2.0, the second edition of e-Magine’s flagship event wherein high school students will be given a chance to showcase their innovative ideas that can be practically implemented to address the issues facing the world today.

While students at college and university level are often given a chance to exhibit their practical knowledge, students at the high school level are often overlooked. “We created Visionaries 2.0 targeting high-schoolers exclusively,” says Huda. “The primary objective of this event is to provide students from grades 7 to 10 with a platform to showcase innovative ideas, technical abilities and other soft skills,” she added.

The day-long event will be held in Karachi and Lahore on the 6th and 20th of October, 2018 respectively. Students from many renowned schools will be participating in the events in both cities. In Karachi, participating schools include Bay View Academy (Clifton Campus), Ilmesters Academy, International Grammar School, The Kiran Foundation, The City School Network, Beaconhouse School System, Shah Wilayat, Meritorious School and Z international; while The City School Network, Beacon House School System, Roots School System, The Crescent School, SICAS, KIPS Education System and St. Anthony’s School will be participating at the Lahore event.

Students from these schools will be given materials to develop prototypes which can possibly transform the way we live in the next 30 or 50 years. They will have 60 minutes to develop pitch deck presentations for their ideas on the spot and create prototypes to add further visualisation to their idea. All the materials required for their presentations and prototypes will be given by the event organisers but division and management of the allotted time will be at the discretion of students.

Once the stipulated time is up, they will be asked to present their models before the panel of judges to earn the title of being the most innovative visionary of the year. Hence, Visionaries 2.0 aims to push participants to think out-of-the-box and help them hone other necessary skills like team work, creativity, presentation skills and more.

It sounds like it’s going to be one thrilling, nerve-wrecking event, doesn’t it?

with Abbas Sb

Participants with Mr. Abbas Husain (Director at TDC, Karachi) at e-Magine’s Visionaries event earlier this year. Image source: Facebook

Visionaries 2.0 will be attended by principals, coordinators and department heads from renowned schools in both cities. In addition, prominent personalities from the fields of education and technology will serve as judges and key note speakers at the events, including:

  • Kanwal Masroor, CEO & Founder at Tech Pakistan: Judge and Keynote Speaker in Karachi
  • Abbas Hussain, Director at Teachers’ Developmental Centre, Karachi: Judge and Keynote Speaker in Karachi and Lahore
  • Rehmat Ebrahim, Workshop Coordinator at SPELT: Keynote Speaker in Karachi
  • Zeeshan Lohya, CEO & Founder of Z Group of Companies: Chief Guest and Keynote Speaker in Karachi
  • Adiel Durvesh, Co-Founder and Trainer at Parhao Sabaq: Keynote Speaker in Karachi
  • Munawar Hameed, Head of Academics at Z International: Keynote Speaker in Karachi
  • Faisal Mushtaq, CEO at Roots School Network and Former Punjab Education Minister: Keynote Speaker in Lahore

Students will exhibit their technical knowledge and expertise using the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) endorsed by the UN in 2016 and the top three teams will be presented with unique awards. The judges will also select a team which will have the opportunity to turn their idea into reality at the NSPIRE incubation centre in Lahore.

certificates of participation

e-Magine’s Visionaries event earlier this year. Image source: Facebook

But there will be no ‘losers’ at this event according to Huda. “There is no doubt that coming out on top gives you the best feeling but I believe that having an interest in changing the world and actually trying do so through ground-breaking innovations is, in itself, an achievement and must be appreciated and encouraged. Hence, all participants will receive certificates of participation to keep them focused towards seeking innovative solutions always,” she said.

The event sponsors include Hilal, Slice, North Spear, Sunridge, Pepsi, Mughal Rice and Atta, DigiDoze, Bogo, Diver’s Reef and What the Book while supporting partners include Nspire, Tech Pakistan and EdTech Pakistan. The official media partners for the events are Channel 5, Tech TV, The City Schools Network Telecast, ChalkTalk, Express News and The Reformer. The events will also be aired live on the e-Magine Facebook page.

Follow Visionaries 2.0 on the 6th and 20th of October to find out what these young brilliant minds are capable of!

And of course, may the best team win!



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