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9 absolutely WEIRD ways Pakistanis celebrate their ‘Azaadi’!

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9 absolutely WEIRD ways Pakistanis celebrate their ‘Azaadi’!

9 absolutely WEIRD ways Pakistanis celebrate their ‘Azaadi’!

Come August and it seems like most Pakistanis are struck by a massive bolt of patriotism! All TV channels turn green and white, while shops and markets get stocked up with Azaadi supplies – the variety of which seems to increase every year!  

And of course, every Jashn-e-Azaadi brings with it some weird ways in which we, Pakistanis, choose to celebrate our independence! Here are some of them:

1. Mera jhanda tumharay se bara hai!

There is a competition in every neighbourhood (unspoken, of course) to have the TALLEST, WIDEST, BIGGEST flag mounted on their rooftops.

biggest flag

Image source:

Somehow everyone’s focus centres around fixing a prominent flag on their house (daaaaays before the 14th sometimes) and all thoughts of ‘Iss parcham ke saaye talay hum eik hein’ go out of the windowImage result for sad emoji

2. Har rang ki jhandiyaan!

Green and white tak tou baat theek hai. But what’s up with hanging red, orange, pink and blue jhandiyaan?

colourful jhandiyaan

Image source: Quora

Last I checked, our national flag was green and white, no? Image result for thinking emoji

3. Kaan phat jayeingay!

Noise pollution…what’s that??? Every now and then, on the night of the 13th, the sky lights up and you feel like the country is under attack (God Forbid)! But then you remember that some people wait all year to vent their frustrations by using patakhay and phuljhariyan!


Image source: dunya news

And as if that noise wasn’t enough, it’s followed by children screaming excitedly and of course, older people shouting “Oye tut paineyo!”

4. The ‘Swagger Jaggers!’

And who can forget the motorbikes sans silencers on 13th and 14th August? Pindi Boyzes can be spotted one-wheeling at midnight, their silencers a distant history, ‘entertaining’ us with their deathly stunts. Image result for eyeroll emoji

swagger jaggers
(Source: The Express Tribune)

5. Who needs cosmetic surgery?

Come Independence Day and Pakistanis hit the PlayStore and download apps to digitally face-paint their pictures.

face painting

Image source: Native Pakistan

No matter how fake it looks, they still post it as their Facebook display picture with thousands of hashtags! Image result for facepalm emoji

6. Dishoom Dishoom!

Shor and jashn seem to go hand-in-hand in this part of the world. Aerial firing is an independence tradition. Licensed or not, people openly fire their guns, letting their entire neighborhood know how ‘ecstatic’ they are to be free. Image result for eyeroll emoji


Image source: giphy

Aisay kon manaata hai azaadi?

7. Sale! Sale! Sale!

Pakistani clothing brands need a reason to up their sales and Independence Day is no exception. Most of them introduce an entire ‘Azaadi collection‘ with promotional sales.


Image source: Dawn

And of course, customers follow suit by donning these clothes, taking selfies, posting them on Instagram and expressing their LOVE for their country!

8. Let your cars (or bikes) do the talking!

Why do nail art when you can do vehicle art? While some just put flags on their cars, others go all the way and you can hardly tell which car it is under all that garb!

car flags

Image source: Quora

9. Messages, messages…and MORE messages!

  1. Mobiles are bombarded with Azaadi Mubarak messages from known AND unknown numbers, starting midnight! Here’s trick…find a message you really like, copy it and forward it to ALL your contacts!
Azaadi messages

Image source: mawrellous

  1. Don’t forget to put YOUR signature at the end though! Image result for wink emoji

But no matter how much some of these things may annoy us, they are a unique part of the way we express our love for our country and celebrate our independence! So, here’s wishing Pakistan and all Pakistanis Happy Independence Day!

Pakistan Zindabad!

How will YOU celebrate Jashn-e-Azaadi? Tell us in comments!

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