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Pakistani student completes his term as FIRST non-European student union president at King’s College London


Pakistani student completes his term as FIRST non-European student union president at King’s College London

Pakistani student completes his term as FIRST non-European student union president at King’s College London

Last year, King’s College London broke all past precedents by electing a non-European Union President for its student union for the FIRST time. And not only was this tenure’s student union president a non-European, but you’ll be as excited as we are to know that it was a Pakistani student, Momin Saqib, hailing from our very own city of Lahore!

This has NEVER happened before.

In the college’s 144-year history.

Say it with us…“Momin Saqib is the first non-European student union president in the history of King’s College AND he is a Pakistani!

 We really hope you understand the magnitude of this.

Getting back to Momin Saqib and King’s College…the student union president at King’s College is responsible for representing 30,000 students on a local, national and international level. The college management has placed Saqib’s picture in the central lobby to appreciate his accomplishment of being elected as the first ever non-European student union president. Saqib’s term as the student union president will come to an end this month and his picture in the Bush House of the college will remain as an acknowledgement of his services.

Speaking to Geo News, he said that he has also been awarded an honorary lifetime membership by the King’s College London Student Union (KCLSU) for which he expressed his gratitude saying, “It’s the highest honour that the college grants in recognition of my outstanding services for King’s College London. It is a great honour for Pakistan as well, where I grew up and was able to learn skills as a student. Pakistanis are doing wonders abroad and making Pakistan proud.”

During his year-long tenure, Saqib travelled to USA, Australia and Africa as a representative of King’s College and developed an international student council to deal with issues faced by students on an international level. He was remunerated for his role accordingly.

He also invited the minister of Higher Education in UK to King’s recently for a discussion on freedom of expression and the future of higher education in Britain. In addition, he spoke at the House of Commons where the King’s service strategy was launched and gave a TED Talk at King’s about his journey from Pakistan to London and his inclination towards student politics.

He appreciated the freedom of speech enjoyed by the British saying, “The best part in Britain is freedom of speech and protest. I have been active throughout and I organised protests and raised voice over global issues such as Rohingya Muslims, Palestine, travel ban on Muslims by Trump and free education. I received full support from my team fellows and my college. I have been featured in several UK newspapers including the Guardian, the Independent, Buzzfeed and the BBC.”

Momin Saqib

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He rallied to have accommodation approved in 345 rooms at King’s for international students belonging to lower income backgrounds and managed to keep King’s College London open for the first time during Christmas break for all the students who did not go back home in the holidays. He also led a successful review around freedom of expression on the university campuses.

As Saqib’s tenure comes to an end, he confirmed that he aims for a senior leadership role in the National Union of Students. In the long-run, he said that he intends to return to Pakistan after completing his studies and has plans to join the country’s political arena.

Momin Saqib, we are so proud of you for doing something no Pakistani student has ever done before! You have shown that if you aim high and work hard, NOTHING is impossible.

We wish you best of luck for your future and hope that you keep making Pakistan proud!

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