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You can’t go wrong with THESE breakfast ideas on a rushed school morning!

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You can’t go wrong with THESE breakfast ideas on a rushed school morning!

You can’t go wrong with THESE breakfast ideas on a rushed school morning!

As the beginning of the school term approaches (cue sighs of relief from EVERY mum EVERYWHERE…yes, it is a global phenomenon!) so does the semblance of sanity as we FINALLY return to more constructive routines.

However, along with the routine comes the familiar (but unwelcome) tussle between finishing a wholesome breakfast and getting them babies to school on time! So, whether you wake up on time, ahead of time or with NO time to spare, fret not because here we have a few easy breakfast ideas, so that at least the ‘breakfast’ part of your panicky mornings are covered! Image result for happy sweat emoji

1. How ‘eggs-citing’! 

I’m a BIG fan of eggs! Not only are they a great source of protein and energy, they are also extremely filling and can be prepared in a myriad of ways to satisfy even (most) picky eaters! Boiled eggs are my personal favourite and you can always ‘dress boiled eggs up’ by buying a cute egg-cup and matching spoon for your child(ren) to make it more fun. Let them eat it themselves because, really, it’s a non-messy, four-bite serving!


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You can also prepare a simple fried egg (with a cooked yolk) or a barely broken up cheesy scrambled egg to eat with a spoon for a quick, yummy AND healthy option!

2. Colour their mornings with some fruit!

Another big winner in my book! There are always so many options thanks to the wide variety of delicious fruits available in our country all year round. Try to avoid very watery fruit (like watermelons) to save their uniforms (and bladders) and overly crunchy ones like apples that take longer to eat. My go-to fruit for kids, especially at breakfast time, is banana since it is a healthy but filling, carb; is soft and easy to chew and swallow; and, of course, is most convenient due to its year-round availability!


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Although mango season is on its way out, mangoes are wonderful for breakfast too! Add them to a fruit salad or make a shake or smoothie and your kids will be full for quite some time. My kids love peaches and apricots so I often make a little fruit salad loaded with these fruits and throw in a few grapes and/or other small fruits that they love, but which aren’t as filling on their own.

3. Who said sandwiches are boring???

Sandwiches are always awesome but even more so on the days when you’re in an uber rush and simply don’t have time to think, let alone prepare a proper meal. I always keep my children’s favourite jam flavour, a flavourful butter and a sandwich spread that they like handy in the fridge. They can run out with it if they are getting late and eat it on the way to school. And when you do have time, you can indulge your kids by cutting their sandwiches into different shapes.


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FYI…I only cut them into triangles, rectangles, squares and diamonds (yep, just rotate them squares) to reduce wastage of both, the sandwich AND my brain cells! Image result for tongue out emoji

4. The French sure know how to do their toast!

This has got to be the best of both, eggs and sandwiches, and is a total ‘super food’ in my humble opinion. Replace sugar with brown sugar or honey, coat with jam or syrup, top with fruit or just let them eat it plain! Either way it’s easy to eat at home and on the go!

french toast

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5. Is it a bear? Is it a lion? It’s a pancake! 

Another delicious, easy and quick option which can be dressed up or down depending on your child’s preference. I add cherries, berries, bananas or whichever seasonal fruit is available to make them more wholesome and flavourful or drizzle some strawberry or blueberry topping to seal the deal!


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6. Who needs bread and butter when you have cold cuts, sausages and cheese?

This may be unconventional but I stumbled upon it when we woke up late one day and my son picked out the first few things he liked while I stood half asleep before the open fridge. Trust me, try it and you’ll see that this is one easy, yummy and speedy breakfast option!

cold cuts and cheese

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7. Spoil them a little with some custard…SOMETIMES! 

This can get messy so I’d recommend that kids eat it before changing into their uniforms but the beauty is that it doesn’t require prep (I have NO qualms making brekkie the night before, BTW!) and it’s a fabulous alternative from regular breakfast options on a busy school morning.


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You can dress it up by serving it with vanilla or marble sponge cake or just make a flavoured custard, instead (or do both….yum yum!)

Okay fellow mommies…all this food talk is making me hungry so I’m going to go fix myself one of these delicious options, leaving you with some sure-fire tips for those mornings when NOTHING seems to be going right and when your kiddos go into zombie mode and store their breakfast bites in their cute little cheeks!

In fact, I have a tip for that too…gently poke on the ‘hoarding cheek’ to get them to start chewing again, albeit, involuntarily! Image result for laughing eyes closed emoji

What do YOU like giving your children for breakfast? Tell us in comments!

Three kids always on the go, always fabulous. A drama queen on the stage of every day, join in as I recount the experiences of our shared realities!

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