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How was your first day of school – Yay! Meh…or Ukhhh thooo?


How was your first day of school – Yay! Meh…or Ukhhh thooo?

How was your first day of school – Yay! Meh…or Ukhhh thooo?

It’s hard to say who dreads the first day of school more…students or teachers. Facing a new bunch of devils disguised as angels in their crisp, new uniforms can be as hard as facing a new teacher whose bark AND bite you are a stranger to!

But when the first day of school arrives, you have no choice but to quietly face it, irrespective of whether you are a teacher or a student.

If you are a student, we bet you might have used some of these coping mechanisms on your first day of school:

1. Jaagna tou parega!

Gone are the days of late-night masti and sleeping in till noon (and beyond!) Waking up early for the first day of school is a NIGHTMARE for every student. Rubbing their bloodshot eyes and yawning at the rate of five yawns per minute, they stumble off to school.

sleeping in class

Image source: YouTube

Some of them catch up on their sleep in class, often being startled awake by a glaring teacher shouting out their name accompanied by Sonay aaye ho ya parhnay?” while others stare with glazed eyes at the whiteboard with their forebrain, midbrain AND hindbrain far, far away in dreamland!

2. Take me back to the land of bliss!

First day of school, and all of them are already missing their summer holidays. They live in the land of fun where the rigours of classwork, assignments and quizzes do not exist! Sitting in class, dazed expressions on their faces they reminisce about the fun days of summer.


Image source: tumblr

Why do all good things have to come to an end? Sigh…

3. Wait till you hear what I did in summer!

On their first day back in school, the ONLY thing most students look forward to is bragging about their summer activities…

“Yaar…let me tell you about the glaciers I saw up north!”

Haan haan batao…then I’ll tell you all about our resort stay in the Alps!”

“Guys, I joined Zumba in the summer and now I think I want to become a Zumba trainer myself!”

summer stories

Image source: urwaistic

Kitna sach and kitna jhoot, we don’t knowbut the stories sure are entertaining!

4. Ma’am, please aaj na parhayein!

These are the most common words chanted by students on the first day of school. Students bend over backwards to convince their teachers that trying to focus on studies on their first day back is simply too much for their poor ‘trying-to-adjust-brains’.

aaj na parhayein

Image source: thekubism

Of course, the more studious students (read nerds) get completely disappointed when teachers cater to this request and cancel the lecture for the day!

“Excuuuuuuse me…hum yahan parhnay aatay hain!”

On the other hand are the teachers who have enjoyed every single moment of their summer vacation…far, far away from their insane students, stuffy classrooms and boring lectures! They put a big smile on their face to welcome the students back but their eyes keep straying to the clock, waiting for the day to be over!

This is what most teachers think on the first day of school:

1. Oh…the routine!

It’s not just students who chill and sleep in all summer; teachers also slow down their pace in the summer, so much so that they often wake up late on their first day back, miss their morning cup of coffee and walk through the day, bleary-eyed and listless.

the routine

Image source: sajalaly

So, if you see a teacher with books falling out of her arms or sluggishly drinking yet another cup of thaki hui canteen ki chai, have some heart…woh bhi insaan hain!

2. Pehlay din parhana?

As much as students hate listening to lectures on the first day of school (or any day, for that matter!), most teachers are not keen on teaching on the first day either. So, the minute a student begs not to have lessons that day, they grin happily, perch on the edge of the table and ask students about their summer vacations.

first day lecture

Image source: YouTube

Of course, if looks could kill, that student would be murdered by a nerd soon enough Image result for evil emoji

3. Responsibilities…please DON’T!

Most teachers dread those ‘first day of school’ staff meetings where the principal briefs them about the goals, objectives and course for the upcoming term; and the ‘over-excited’ among them discuss their shortcomings and propose ideas for improvement.

staff meetings

Image source: HumTV

Too much to digest on the first day, no?

4. Gossip girls

But once the principal and the ‘holier-than-thou’ teachers leave the staff meeting, the rest of them huddle around the table, giggling and gossiping as they drink cup after cup of tea and devour aaloo ke samosay!

gossip girls

Image source: source: sarcasmistan

Life isn’t too bad, eh?

Have you had your first day of school yet? Tell us how it was!

An enthusiastic writer and blogger mastering the subtle art of sarcasm.

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