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These students wrote letters addressed to the summer holidays and they’re CRACKING US UP!


These students wrote letters addressed to the summer holidays and they’re CRACKING US UP!

These students wrote letters addressed to the summer holidays and they’re CRACKING US UP!

It’s almost the end of summer vacation and we all know how difficult a time this is for students. So, in order to help them manage their feelings in this ‘trying time’, and with the intention of getting them some closure, we, at ChalkTalk, asked them to write letters addressed to the ‘Summer Holidays’ and send them in to us!

We received some letters but to our surprise the reasons behind the ‘grief and loss’ at having to bid farewell to summer holidays varied from student to student! We’ll show you samples of two letters we received so that you know what we mean.

Asad's letter

Asad Qureshi, a 6th grader misses the summer holidays already.

Here is one letter, written by Asad Qureshi, a student of Grade 6. In his letter, Asad comes across as a fun-loving student, who expresses what we expected from most students at the end of summer break – NO inclination to go back to school, wants just enough rain in the city to have the roads blocked to delay the school’s re-opening, and is ONLY looking forward to seeing his friends at school and playing pranks on the teachers!

don't like school

He clearly hates getting up early for school and being “stuck with homework” at home (ohhh…we feel your pain, Asad! Image result for crying emoji)

He tells us how he had an absolutely AWESOME summer break with his cousins, went to Murree and hasn’t finished his summer homework yet.

Shhhh…don’t tell his mom! Image result for finger on lips emoji

not finished homework

delay school re-opening

He ends his letter with a sweet request for summer vacation to come back QUICKLY because he misses it already. Awwwww…

miss you summer

Sounds like all students in these last few days of summer, right?

Well, CLEARLY not all!

Ayyan's letter

Ayyan Ahmed, an 8th grader, is thinking of requesting the government to shorten the summer holiday duration from next year.

We received another letter from Ayyan Ahmed, a student of Grade 8 and this is the polar opposite of Asad’s letter. Ayyan is sad at the end of the summer holidays because he feels he has wasted too much time and can’t find anything productive to do since he did his summer homework, labelled his notebooks, read through some chapters from the next grade’s syllabus AND prepared his uniform and school supplies wayyyyy before the holidays came to an end.

homework and prep

WHO does that????? Image result for facepalm emoji

He seems quite perplexed that his friends are not as excited as he is about going back to school and tells us that his days felt quite empty without having to go to school every day, meeting his teachers and then doing his homework at home.

days are empty

He hopes that nothing happens to delay the school’s re-opening any further. And even suggests at the end of his letter, that he should write to the government to request the duration of summer holidays to be shortened in the future because “it makes no sense to waste so much time doing nothing”.

government and delay

Is this kid for REAL????

While we are still reeling from the frankness and polarity of these letters, we wish best of luck to all those about to start the next school year (irrespective of whether you agree with Asad or Ayyan!)

Study hard, make your parents and teachers proud but don’t forget to have some fun while you are at it! Image result for wink emoji

Which letter resonates with YOUR feelings at the end of summer break – Asad or Ayyan’s? Tell us in comments!  

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