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‘Bohat hogai mauj masti’…time to get back into school mode!


‘Bohat hogai mauj masti’…time to get back into school mode!

‘Bohat hogai mauj masti’…time to get back into school mode!

Saying goodbye to the lazy days of summer vacations is never easy for us students but it’s another story for our Ammis who can’t wait to have us out of the house! But as ecstatic as they might be to see this awfully long break (for them, not us!) come to an end, it is no less of a challenge for them to bring us back on track and help us focus on the new school year.

So whether you’re a student or a student’s Ammi, these tips will make going back to school a lot easier for you!

1. Fix your sleeping pattern

This might bum you out but the sad truth is that the days of staying up till the wee hours of morning are over. And the first step in getting ready to go back to school is to fix your sleeping pattern. NOW!

I know it sounds terrible and impossible but you HAVE to do it. Initially, you won’t be able to fall asleep until late at night because your body has become so used to staying up and then obviously you will wake up late in the morning (rather, afternoon as you have all summer!). But here’s the trick – no matter what time you fall asleep at night, set your alarm for a decent time in the morning and tell your mother to wake you up no matter what; even if she has to throw iced water on you! And then push your waking up time back by 30 minutes every morning so that by the time school opens, you are waking up at the right time for school.

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Also, it helps to stay active during the day – go for a walk or play some sport to tire yourself out so that you automatically feel sleepy earlier. Oh! And stay away from gadgets after 10 pm. The light from phones and tablets is known to drive away sleep!

2. Get your priorities straight

Ever heard ‘A time to work, a time to play’? Well, now that you have had ALL the fun in the world during summer break, it’s time to focus on your studies.

Of course, this doesn’t mean that you can’t enjoy yourself at all but you need to make your studies the top priority.  As they say, ‘Slow and steady wins the race’.

3. Get a planner

Getting a planner doesn’t mean you have to follow it to a T but the fact is that having things written down and scheduled helps make us become more organised and responsible; and both these traits are essential for the school year. You can get such cute ones from stationery shops these days so buy one and start planning!

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If you need help, you can always ask your mother. Jot down tasks keeping a regular school day in mind – wake up time, bedtime, how much time you will spend on each subject every day or week. Once you have everything written down, it will become easier to follow it and if your Ammi is involved in helping you make it, you will HAVE to follow it, right? Image result for wink emoji

4. Organise your room and supplies

Before school re-opens, a stationery shopping spree is a must! Make a list of things you need to buy and try buying items like pens, pencils, erasers and sharpeners in bulk so that you don’t run out of them every other day. While you’re at the stationery shop, look around to make sure you’re not missing anything.

But BEWARE…stationery shops can be tempting and you might end up buying things you don’t even need (been there, done that). If you find something you really, really need or it can motivate you to study harder, go for it, but be sure not to waste your parents’ hard-earned money!

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Organise your room and try to put ANYTHING that can distract you from studying out of sight such as video games, board games, toys, comic books and/or anything that has your favourite cartoon/movie character on it. Create a clean and simple work space to help keep you focused and motivated.

5. Avoid leaving things for the last minute

Apart from books and stationery, make sure to have your uniform washed, ironed and hanged way before school starts; polish your shoes and organise accessories like ties, hair pins and so forth beforehand so that you’re not rummaging for them at the last minute.  If you have your daily timetable, you can pack your bag in advance too!

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6. Start exercising your brain

This is something students should do all through vacations but let’s face it, most of us want to have NOTHING to do with anything remotely academic during summer break! Even if you haven’t been reading or practicing your writing skills for the last two months, you can start now. Spending just an hour or two every day brushing up your skills, will refresh your brain and help you adjust more quickly when the school workload hits.

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Pick a paragraph from a newspaper every day and work on your writing speed and legibility or ask your parents to give you a topic to write on. Read a story or article aloud from a magazine/ newspaper daily and have someone listen to you so that they can help/correct you if need be.

So, there you have it…as dreadful as going back to school feels, I hope these tips can help you kick the ‘back to school blues’ away and make you look forward to it, instead!

What are your tips and tricks to get back in school mode? Tell us in comments!  

A 20-year-old textile design student at AIFD and a blogging enthusiast.

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