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5 Thoughts that EVERY parent thinks at the end of summer holidays!


5 Thoughts that EVERY parent thinks at the end of summer holidays!

5 Thoughts that EVERY parent thinks at the end of summer holidays!

With schools opening in a week or two after the loooooong summer holidays, there is a palpable mix of excitement and dread sweeping across households. While children see-saw between anxiety and excitement, despair and elation…parents are going through their own whirlwind of thoughts and emotions!

So, if you are a parent, we can bet these are some of the thoughts that cross your mind as you approach the end of summer vacation:

1.“Ohhhh…phir wohi routine!”

You didn’t even get a chance to express gratitude for the laziness and relaxation that summer holidays bring and BOOM! It’s time to go back to school already! The entire break passed by in a blur and ended all too soon. And now the thought of getting up early, making breakfast, getting your naalayeq children ready and dropping them to school ON TIME just fills you with dread. Itni mehnat!

phir routine

Image source: tedx Lahore

Why do all good things come to an end so soon?

2. “Bachon ko routine mein kaise layeingay?”

And while you know that somehow YOU’LL manage to get back into the daily grind, what about your little monsters? Where will you find the patience to give them wake-up ‘threats’ every morning and that too, EVERY FIVE MINUTES? How will you stand the ‘But I DON’T want to go to school!’ whining? Not to mention the after-school rants…‘I HATE the new teachers; they are ALWAYS picking on me!’

bachon ka routine

Image source: verna youtube

It’s a fact that the first few weeks of school drain away ALL the energy and optimism you built up during summer vacations. Sigh…

3. “They are out of the house…FINALLY!” 

The ONLY thought getting you through these last two weeks is that your children will FINALLY be out of the house for a couple of hours…WITHOUT YOU!

out of the house

Image source: mawrellous

Finally, you can do some non-parenting things and relax for a bit, whether it’s going to the spa or catching up with friends over a nice, long breakfast!  

4. “School supplies…AGAIN?!”

But before you plan those spa days, check your bank balance first. Many schools commence with the new term after the summer holidays. And we all know the ‘delightful demands’ that accompany new school terms – a big, fat fee voucher, new books, new notebooks and new stationery supplies. You try to mentally calculate how much you will be required to spring for each child but the huge numbers force you to fetch the calculator AND a nerve relaxant!

And when you pat yourself on the back for having kids spaced two years apart so that at least, textbooks can be re-used, your younger one tells you that he/she will need new books since the older one’s book editions have already become outdated! Ohhh…the horror!

School supplies

Image source: tumblr

As if schools weren’t enough, children come up with their own endless list of requests (read DEMANDS) to add to your expenses, “Woh Princess wala bag bhi dila dein please!”

5. “Uniform bhi naya chahiye?!”

While you fret over the huge dent in your wallet made by school supplies, you might console yourself that at least, your children’s uniforms are in good shape since last year and can be re-used, at least for one term. But noooo, your kids want a new uniform because “Puranay walay ki tou fitting itni kharab hai, Amma! Sab mera mazak uraiengay!”

“Ummm…school parhnay jaati ho ya fashion karnay?”

new uniform

Image source: buzzfeed

But which parent likes to see her children being ridiculed and so you buy two new uniforms as well as shoes because of course, they have outgrown those too!

Kharchay pe kharcha!

What is running through YOUR mind in these last few days of summer break? Tell us in comments!

An enthusiastic writer and blogger mastering the subtle art of sarcasm.

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