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We know what you did all summer….


We know what you did all summer….

We know what you did all summer….

Holy summer vacations! The time of liberation for those shaitaans (satans) who have been caged for too long. Kids love them as much as Abbu loves his morning chai and phuppo loves phadday. And most kids spend the last week of school daydreaming about ALL the activities they’ll do once they are out of prison a.k.a. school.

But do these high and mighty plans ever turn into reality? Let’s have a look to see what kids PLAN to do in summer vacations!

  • Family trip…here we come!
    Ghoomein gey, phirein gey, naachein gey, gaayein gey, aish kareinge hum….aur kia?!

After all, summer is the time to hit the road with family, right? As the last day of school approaches, kids imagine themselves hiking in the rocky hills of Islamabad or better yet, Switzerland; and having quality time away from the city.

family trips

Image source: minalkhanofficial

There’s a long list of things to do and see on their TDL (To Do List) – picnics, meet-ups, parties, camping…ye sab tou DONE hai yar!

  • Off you go…to summer camp!
    On the other hand, parents have their own list of suitable summer camps for their kids wayyyyyy before summer break starts. The reason for shuttling kids off to camp is always “You’ll learn some skills and make new friends!”

Bah! As if kids don’t know that parents just want them out of the house! No wonder kids make such a fuss when they hear about yet another camp they’ll “have so much fun at!” Image result for eyeroll emoji

  • Meet me after summer…I’ll be a size zero!

Many ambitious teenagers set dietary goals for themselves during summer break.

  1. Lose 10 kgs.
  2. No ice cream, donuts, chocolate or chips.
  3. Follow Yoga and Zumba tutorials on YouTube every Mon, Wed and Thurs.
losing weight

Image source: imgflip

The poor souls actually believe they’ll do it! Image result for wink emoji

  • Let’s learn something new!
    Some kids actually do look forward to summer camps and brushing up their skills (poor things are brainwashed well by their parents). Often, it’s the ones who are not traveling in the summer and so, they brag about their upcoming summer camps to their friends to ‘save face’.

“Mein tou baking seekhoongi!”

“Acha? I’m taking painting classes!

“Oh? I’m going to a horticulture summer camp and will start my own home garden!” Image result for angel emoji

Learn new skills

Image source: alizafar

Are these kids for real???

  • I will follow a routine EVERY day! 
    And then there are those who simply cannot LIVE without organisation and schedules and so, they setup a daily timetable with activities marked for EACH day of the summer vacation.

Image source: thekubism

In most cases, after a mere week the poor timetable finds itself in the dustbin while the kid parks him/herself before the TV for the rest of summer!

These are all ambitious plans, mind you, and I’m sure they are made with the best of intentions. But while children make these plans, summer laughs from a distance. There is a striking similarity between our hukoomat and the summer plans of kids – BIG claims; LITTLE action.

And more often than not, here’s what ACTUALLY happens to those ‘well-though-out’ plans:

  • Time to sleep, sleep and…sleep! 
    ALL those detailed schedules, summer courses and fun plans fall FLAT because sleep just overpowers children in summer. Neend hi bohat ati hai yar!

Image  source: pakcelebrities

They cancel every plan for the sake of their sleep, kyun ke chuttian tou hoti hi sonay ke liye hain!

  • Foodies AF!
    What diet shiet? HOW can anybody abstain from all the yummilicious treats summer brings? First it’s the season of Chaunsas and who can deny this absolutely divine gift from God? And then, monsoon rains come along and bring pakoray with them and of course, you HAVE to beat the heat with milkshakes, popsicles and ice-creams, right?
Foodies AF

Image source: sajalaly

HOW can ANYBODY lose weight amidst such delights?  

  • Trip? What trip?

And those well- planned trips? Tsk tsk….they neeeevvvvver happen. Kabhi Abbu ko chutti nahi milti tou khabi Ammi ki tabiyat kharab hojati hai…And when both are willing and able, tou paisay khatam hojaatay hain.

no trip

Image source:

Buss TV pe hi dunya dekhtay dekhtay chuttiyan guzar jaati hain!

How are your summer holidays faring so far? Have YOU stuck to your plans or are you spending day after day lounging in front of the TV and sleeping in??? Tell us in comments!

An enthusiastic writer and blogger mastering the subtle art of sarcasm.

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