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10 things only The City School-PAF Chapter’s students can relate to!


10 things only The City School-PAF Chapter’s students can relate to!

10 things only The City School-PAF Chapter’s students can relate to!

Like every school and educational institute, The City School, PAF Chapter has certain attributes only its students can relate to. Here are 10 things (out of a very LONG list) that ALL Chapter kids know to be true!

1. When people call it ‘PAF/PAF Chapter’ Image result for eye roll emoji

Okay listen, we understand that our campus is called PAF Chapter but have you ever heard one of US call it PAF…let alone PAF Chapter???

PAF Chapter

Image source:

Chapter is Chapter, always has been and always will be. That’s the fact, my friend.

2. When we participate in inter-school sporting events

No Chapter kid is oblivious to the INTENSE rivalry our sports teams have with other schools, especially Nixor (no shade just facts). When push comes to shove, EVERY SINGLE Chapter student has enough school spirit to last a lifetime!

sporting events

Image source: Tumblr

All of us have looked a little something like this Image result for finger up emoji during an intense match or after a devastating loss…Related image

 3. When we get the dreaded ‘Chapter Tan’

Ahhh…the infamous ‘Chapter Tan’. Are you even a Chapter kid if you don’t have the most RIDICULOUS tan lines because of your uniform??? The tans magically disappear during summer vacations (thankfully) but step into school and within 0.25 seconds those horrid lines are back.

Chapter tan

Image source:


4. When we stand in the canteen line from hell

Every single one of us has been a victim to the abyss that is our canteen line during break time. Even A-Level students are not free from this ‘gift from hell’. By the time you get out of the line, your food is colder than it was when you bought it and you’re suddenly very out of breath…possibly because you were nearly crushed to death by dozens of bodies!

Canteen lines

Image source:

But oh well…if it’s one thing we are known for, it is perseverance!

5. When we have to attend ‘Whole school assemblies’

I don’t know about you guys but I don’t know anyone who actually pays attention in ‘Whole School Assemblies’. If you’re anything like me, you probably spend that time socialising or even attempting to steal in a nap.

Whole school assemblies

Gif source:

I know, I know…it does seem kind of rude considering how much effort the event planners and hosts put into it but that’s the truth.

 6. When we are hounded by the ‘Chapter cats’

Love them, hate them, be indifferent towards them…it really doesn’t matter because once you enter Chapter grounds, these cats become an INTEGRAL part of your life. Your parents won’t let you have pets? Don’t fret, adopt one of the dozen different cats roaming around Chapter but be warned – these cats have NO boundaries.

Your food? Nope, THEIR food.

Your lap? More like their BED.

Your leg? Uhhh no…scratching post.

Like I said…No. Boundaries. What. So. Ever.

Chapter cats

Image source: Tumblr

So, if you plan on giving them affection, be prepared to be followed around at ALL times. Although some of these cats don’t give a damn about what’s going on around them and to be honest we could all learn a thing or two from their attitudes!

But eventually, you do kind of grow to love them even if you hated them at first! Image result for wink emoji

 7. When we arrange the well-known Chapter events

Be it PAFMUN or our welcome/farewell parties, we take our events VERY seriously. In fact, our welcome/farewell parties often seem like somebody’s Valima…but what can I say?

Chapter events

Image source:

We, Chapter kids, know how to have a GOOD time!

8. When we bunk classes

It’s a rite of passage to discover all the perfect places to hide and how to dodge teachers when bunking. Sure, nobody condones bunking but let’s be real…we all do it or have done it. All of us can relate to the adrenaline rush while running from our PE teachers or having to bolt from a certain place after spotting a teacher.

Bunk classes

Image source:

Good thing our campus is so big…so many places to hide! Image result for wink emoji

9. When we explore other sections

How do you expect us to be in such a huge campus and not wander around other sections? I’m 100% sure that ALL Chapter students have explored all the sections when they have free time. And if you’ve been in Chapter for a few years, then meeting your old teachers is fun while you roam around even if the situation is kind of similar to this Image result for finger down emoji

explore other sections

Image source: Tumblr

10. When we have our popular bake sales

EVERYONE at Chapter LOVES bake sales! In fact, we may have one too many bake sales because literally EVERY section has one but NOBODY complains. EVER.

Even when we’re trying to pay attention in class and the music is blasting outside, instead of getting annoyed we just sing and dance along! And it’s a well-known fact that bake sales have the best biryani, the Limca is a must and of course, you HAVE to buy heart-shaped balloons for your friends and/or significant others.

bake sales

Image source: Facebook

And most importantly, no bake sale is complete without the cringe-worthy song dedications and the huge group that always dances RIGHT in front of the speakers!

These are just 10 things out of many that makes Chapter home to all its students! Once you leave those red bricks behind, you do miss it.


Does your educational institute have things that only its students can relate to? Tell us in comments!

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