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Bahria University orders segregated cafeterias for male and female students!


Bahria University orders segregated cafeterias for male and female students!

Bahria University orders segregated cafeterias for male and female students!

It has only been a month since the administration at Bahria University, Islamabad, ordered a “6-inch gap between male and female students at all times”. Although this absurd rule was revoked, it has unfortunately been replaced by an even more bizarre one!

According to the latest notification which was issued on Monday, 25th June, 2018, by deputy director (Admin & Coordination) Commander (retd) Habibur Rehman, female students are prohibited from using ALL cafeterias on campus except the Dean’s cafeteria. It also notifies male students to use Capital Café, Student Café and Daily Grind ONLY with immediate effect.

Needless to say, students and even faculty are left unhinged by this new move on the part of Bahria’s management. While some complained about the underlying fanaticism behind the policy on Twitter…

Others worried about the future of students subjected to such regressive policies…

It seems like students are not the only ones disturbed by this new policy. A staff member who requested to stay anonymous opined, “When the university is same for boys and girls, classes are same and even laboratories then why not cafeterias? By segregating males from females at university means that we failed to prepare our students to be responsible members of our society.”

He further added that he felt that Bahria University is always in the news for all the wrong reasons and that those in a position of authority to issue such absurd notifications need to thoroughly assess the impact they have on the mentality and future of students about to enter the real world.

Meanwhile the girls are worried about their much-needed chaat

While the boys complain about the excessive heat…

But there were some who suggested practical solutions. Perhaps, the management needs to listen to THEIR voice of reason!

The reason behind this rule is that,Firstly in Bahria University Boys and girls study combinely, their classes, labs,…

Posted by DK4K on Monday, June 25, 2018

But all in all, it is clear that Bahria University’s latest attempt to instil good conduct and morals in its students has confused and enraged most people.

Do you agree or disagree with the university’s latest policy? Tell us in comments!  

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