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THIS Director at FAST nails it in his letter to students!


THIS Director at FAST nails it in his letter to students!

THIS Director at FAST nails it in his letter to students!

There are many sayings attached to the profession of teaching and teachers. Clichéd or not, here are some of the more frequently heard ones,

“Teachers are like your second parents.”

“Teaching is the most noble of professions.”

“The school is a child’s second home.”

“The future of the world is in the classroom.”

Many people enter the profession every year but most of those who not only survive but EXCEL at teaching…the ones who make it past the 20, 25, 30-year mark, the ones whom students ALWAYS remember with a respectful gleam in their eyes…THOSE are the ones who make this profession a truly noble one!

A good teacher does MORE than simply giving lectures and completing the course content by the end of the school year or programme. A GOOD teacher is one who instils good character traits in his/her students and this is exactly what Dr. Amjad Hussain’s letter talks about.

Dr. Amjad, who is a director at FAST – National University of Computer and Emerging Sciences, in Lahore, apparently wrote a letter to his students, which has since gone viral, for his simple, yet though-provoking message to students.

Dr Amjad Hussain's letter

Image source: Facebook

The letter, in which Dr. Amjad asks his students to self-inspect, uses simple analogies to explain the concepts of corruption, thievery, greed, abuse of power, embezzlement, lack of etiquette and dishonesty.

Of course, as with all things that go viral, there were differing opinions about the letter:


Image source: Facebook

And then some more…

comments on letter

Image source: Facebook

But the fact is, that as an educator, it is his job and duty to instil good morals in students, along with academic teachings. And this letter shows that he did just that!

Do you have or have you had a teacher/professor who taught more than just academics? Tell us some things you learnt from him/her in comments! 

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