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Eid is over already?! Nahiiiii!!!


Eid is over already?! Nahiiiii!!!

Eid is over already?! Nahiiiii!!!

Even before I opened my eyes this morning, I had a sinking feeling in the pit of my stomach. Something felt amiss; like I had lost something special. And then, as I slowly opened my eyes, I realised what it was…Eid was over.

All the excitement leading up from the first roza to chaand raat, all the plans, the tayyari, the get togethers…everything was over and life had returned to normal (read boring). I decided to spend another few minutes in bed relishing the memories and recounting the highlights in my head.

So, here are some things I absolutely LOVED about Eid:

  1. The chaand raat tradition

Chaand raat or the night before the day of Eid is always FULL of excitement and fun. No matter how well prepared I am and how MANY accessories I had bought to compliment my Eid outifts, Eid just isn’t complete unless I rushed to the bazaar to buy matching bangles and get henna applied on my hands on chaand raat.

chaand raat

Image source: mawrellous

I, for one, LOVE the hustle bustle in the markets and on the roads and the excitement and happiness was palpable!

  1. The ENDLESS excitement

Even before I opened my eyes in the morning on Eid day, I could sense the excitement! And well…once I actually got up, I could SEE all the enthusiasm…everyone rushing to get ready for Eid namaz, clamouring over who gets the bathroom first, putting on brand new clothes and accessories and FINALLY getting to meet everybody.

endless excitement

Image source: PakTv

And then meeting them again…and again….and again!

  1. Ammi ke haath ka meetha

Once I was FINALLY dressed to kill and ventured downstairs, I caught a whiff of the heavenly aroma of Sheer Khorma or Kheer and just that smell was enough to tell me that it was going to be an absolutely awesome day!

Ammi ke haath ka meetha

Image source: mominamustehsan

Nom nom nom…

  1. Eid namaz

There is this amazing sense of solidarity watching everyone go to the masjid to offer Eid namaz, all fresh and dapper in their Eid outfits, right?

Eid namaz

Image source: twitter

And the increasingly popular tradition of women offering their Eid namaz in the masjid just added MORE to that sense of family and community.

  1. Family get-togethers

Ooooh the delicious aromas that filled my house on Eid day (and a day or two before which makes the last rozas particularly difficult!). Biryani, Pulao, Haleem, Dum ka Qeema, Kababs, Tawa Chicken, Spring rolls, Chicken roast…my mouth waters just thinking about it!

Family GTs

Image source: YouTube

  1. Eid cards

Sure, Eid cards have been replaced with SMS and WhatsApp wishes, but there was something so heart-warming (and hilarious) about conventional Eid cards that my cousins and I sometimes still exchange them for the fun of it! Remember the silly sher-o-shairy we wrote on Eid cards like “Eid ayee hai zamanay mein, Ali phisal gaya ghusal khanay mein”?

Eid cards

Image source:

It didn’t make ANY sense but it sure made us all laugh!

  1. Eidi…of course!

And last but definitely not the least, my (and I’m sure YOURS too) favourite part about Eid is EIDI! Whether you are a kid, a teenager, a young adult or even a full-blown adult with kids of your own, getting Eidi is the BOMB.


Image source: style catchup

Eyeing the adults as they make their rounds handing out Eidi lifafas (enevlopes), peeking inside when we thought Ammi wasn’t looking (because you know…it’s bad manners!), comparing our ‘collections’ with siblings and cousins at the end of the day and of course, making a list of ALL the things we’ll buy from that amount…it just NEVER gets old!

But like all good things, Eid has also come to an end and all I hear now is Ammi yelling from downstairs,

“Nashta karlo warna mein billi ko khiladoongi!”

Sigh…this is the same Ammi who was lovingly stuffing my face with yummy goodies just yesterday…

I miss Eid already…don’t you?

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