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10 Things only my ‘Baba’ could have taught me!


10 Things only my ‘Baba’ could have taught me!

10 Things only my ‘Baba’ could have taught me!

Although mothers are usually considered the epitome of love and nurturing, a father’s role is no less. For many of us, fathers are the ones who holds us when we cry, whose eyes shine with pride at our achievements and whose faith in us keeps us going EVEN when we fail.

And while a mother’s love is infinite, there are some things only a dad can teach his children.

1. How to commit to relationships

One of the best things a father can teach by example is to love their mother. The relationship between parents is the first relationship a child is exposed to and learns from and this unspoken learning can influence his/her understanding and behaviour in relationships throughout life.

relationship committment

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So, dads…respect your ‘better halves’ and value them! Image result for hands together emoji

2. How to plan for the future 

Although times are changing, more often than not, it is the dad who sits with his child and has ‘the talk’ – about the child’s plans and goals for the future. Fathers usually take the lead in guiding the child through career choices and admission procedures and they provide the framework for making sure that the child achieves his/her dreams.

future planning

Image source: Pinterest

But to be a GOOD dad, please understand that your child needs to pursue his/her own dreams and NOT yours!

3. How to be financially independent 

While mothers are known for spoiling their kids, a dad often stresses on teaching them self-sufficiency. So, dads please stop being ATM machines for your kids and teach them some financial restraint!

financial independence

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As much as we often hate our dads for this, a little strictness does more harm than good and children eventually learn to save and become self-reliant. Trust me, I’ve been there! Image result for smiling sweat emoji

4. How to drive AND maintain vehicles

Often we see fathers (looking very frustrated and/or apprehensive) sitting in the passenger seat while their teenage son or daughter takes over the wheel! And while driving is an essential life skill in today’s world, it is equally important for dads to teach kids about car maintenance. Knowing how to change oil and tires is as important (if not more) as learning how to drive.

driving and maintenance

Image source: Livemint

Not only can it save your time (and even your life if you live in a city like Karachi) but being in charge of the vehicle’s maintenance instils a much-needed sense of responsibility.

5. How to do some‘manly’ work

Hammering, digging, electrical work and repair work should be taught to children, regardless of gender. After all, timidity and dependence has never really helped anyone, has it?

manly work

Image source: alizafar

So, dads, take those tools out and show them how it’s done!

6. How to tie a tie

Boy oh boy, could there be anything HARDER in the world than tying a tie? Sure, your kids can learn the ‘hacks’ from YouTube tutorials but the internet is NOT a better father than you!

tie a tie

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7. How to find your calling 

Explain your job and what you do to your kids from an early age. Better yet, take them to your workplace and let them see firsthand what it takes to reach this position. Talk to them about your professional journey and highlight the importance of hard work.

job talk

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8. How to discipline yourself

There’s no doubt that kids hate being disciplined and some can be downright rebellious about it! BUT it is good for them! The trick is to discipline without insulting or embarrassing them.


Image source: Hnow

Teach them the value of punctuality, cleanliness and etiquette by being a role-model yourself!

9. How to love animals

In most homes, mothers balk at the idea of bringing a pet into the house but dads are another story! They are the only ones who can dare to bring pets in the home in spite of your mom’s dirty looks and disapproving glares Image result for tongue out emoji.

loving animals

Image source: ebuzz today

He can teach you how to feed the animal, care for it, take it for a walk and make a friend for life!

10. How to have real conversations

Dads are (or should be at least) more than just wallets, rules and a person you see at breakfast and dinner! Have some ‘real’ conversations with your kids about art, music, travel, religion, experiences and their (and your) future plans and dreams.

real conversations

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Trust me, the more YOU reveal your true self to your children, the more they will open up to you and the better your relationship will be!

So, what are some life lessons YOUR father has taught you? Tell us in comments!

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