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9 Things all Pakistani mothers say in Ramadan!


9 Things all Pakistani mothers say in Ramadan!

9 Things all Pakistani mothers say in Ramadan!

It’s a universal fact…we can NEVER escape the wrath of our mothers, not even in the holy month of Ramadan! In fact, fasting coupled with increased workload, makes them ‘shower’ us with rage even more Image result for eyes closed emoji

“Nahi, nahi hum bura thori maantay hain…sirf bata rahay hain ke Ammi humein Ramadan mein kia kia sunati hain!”

Are you in the same boat? Read on to find out!

1. “Sehri ka time khatam honay mein 5 minutes reh gaye hain. Jaldi utho!”

My mother ALWAYS wakes me up waaaaaay before it’s time for sehri to end and it’s always with the threat that there are only five minutes left! It’s only when I wake up and sit groggily at the table that I realise that there are still 30minutes to go! And yet, I fall for it every timeRelated image.

Jaldi utho

Well played Mom!

2. “Farigh kyun bethi ho? Iftari bananay mein meri help hi kardo!”

Whether I have been sitting idle for two seconds or two hours, my mother has the knack of finding me and assuming that I have been lazing around ALL DAY! And after that, of course, it’s drudgery, drudgery, drudgery….

iftari help

“Mujhse behtar tou mazdoor hotay hain! Unko  paisay tou miltay hain itni mushaqqat ke!”

3. “Bazaar se dahi lado ABHI!”

You know what all those dahi baras, lassi and chaat at Iftar means, right? That’s correct…a never-ending demand for yogurt! It seems like the minute I get back from the dahi wala, Ammi sends me again!


Image source: buzzpk

“Ab tou mera chuddy buddy ban gaya hai woh!”

4. “Ramadan mein TV? Tauba Astaghfaar!”

After she’s done with Iftar and clearing up, I often find my mother parked in front of the TV, eyes glazed, watching her favourite TV drama. But if SHE finds ME watching anything on TV for even five minutes, all hell breaks loose! Because…”Tum apna time waste kar rahi ho!” And I’m like:


Image source: twitter

5. “Allah ki ibadat karo. Farigh kyun baithi ho, nalayiq?”

Yes, those constant reminders to offer prayers and go for taraweeh! 


6. “Khabardar jo pakoron ka NAAM bhi liya!”

If I try saying “Ammi aaj pakoray khanay ka dil chah raha hai” she shushes me every time with a loooooong lecture about her hectic routine and how I don’t help out at all! And if I dare to say that we can get them from the bazaar, she shuts me down with how unhygienic and unhealthy they are for my GI tract! Either way, I can’t win. But unkay rishtadaron ko Iftar pe bulalo tou pakoron ki baarish hojayegi! 


Image source: blogspot

Jeez Mom!

7. “Mobile ki jaan chor do!”

My mobile is always my mother’s worst enemy, but come Ramadan and I can tell that she’d do ANYTHING to get rid of it!

Roza lag raha hai? It’s your mobile’s fault!” 

 “Neend aarahi hai? Sab mobile ka qasoor hai!


Image source: wordpress

Seriously mom?!

8.Bahir ki iftari bhi koi iftari hoti hai?

Uff! The minute I tell my mother about an Iftar outing with friends at some fancy place, she starts highlighting ALL the cons and how it is a huge waste of money. Okay, I know all that mom, but c’mon..

bahir iftari

Image source: disneyvillains

9. “Eid aarahi hai. Meray sath safai mein help karo.”

I swear to you…I have started dreading Eid just because of this statement. And trust me it’s not simply safai; it’s a freaking overhaul and it starts ten days before Eid!


Image  source: PAK ME

Ab aap ki ibadat kahan gayi, Ammi?” Image result for wink emoji

BUT…truth be told, if mothers DIDN’T say all these things during Ramadan, it just wouldn’t seem like Ramadan would it? Image result for wink emoji Image result for heart emoji

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