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Bay View High School students extend their ‘Hamdard Haath’ in the true spirit of Ramadan!


Bay View High School students extend their ‘Hamdard Haath’ in the true spirit of Ramadan!

Bay View High School students extend their ‘Hamdard Haath’ in the true spirit of Ramadan!

In 2016, a group of students from Bay View High School, Karachi, straight out of O-Levels, decided to do their bit to give back to society in the holy month of Ramadan and thus, Hamdard Haath was born. 

Their journey began by distributing ration packets to 16 staff members. They, then aimed higher and strived to provide Iftar to those less-privileged who were unable to afford the basic necessities of life.

In their first year, they distributed Iftar boxes within their vicinity but soon realised the logistical challenges of distributing food boxes. In the following year, they changed their strategy and decided to execute Iftar drives at fixed locations where people could come, sit down and have their Iftar. This proved to be easier and much more successful and was more eco-friendly as well (think of the multitude of Styrofoam/plastic boxes, glasses and cutlery being thrown away in the case of food boxes).

In Karachi, Hamdard Haath has two setups – one at main Kh-e-Shahbaz (near the Monument of Faith) and the other at Korangi/Landhi. The team encourages donors to drop by so they can see how their donations are being utilised.

This year they have not only expanded their operations within Karachi – conducting Iftar drives as well as clothes drives – they have also launched their services in Lahore. And quite ironically, this expansion took place on the 11th of Ramadan, the same day they began their journey in Karachi!

Since Hamdard Haath is a non-profit organisation and a charity-driven initiative, they are always looking for donors and volunteers to further their cause. Please note that Zakat money should be mentioned separately since it is used only for rations and NOT the Iftar drive. If anyone is interested in helping these students help those in need, please find details for donations below:

Hamdard Haath donations

Image source: Hamdard Haath Facebook page

We congratulate these students, their parents and their teachers for raising such responsible and empathetic human beings and wish them the best of luck for all their future endeavours.

Well done, Team Hamdard Haath. You make us proud!










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