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CIEs ‘se pait mein dard’? Here’s what you SHOULD eat!

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CIEs ‘se pait mein dard’? Here’s what you SHOULD eat!

CIEs ‘se pait mein dard’? Here’s what you SHOULD eat!

CIEs looming ahead?  While revision can help you prepare for them, it also causes a lot of stress. Exam stress can often lead to stress-eating, unconscious eating (think emptying a large bag of chips without even realising it) or no eating at all!

So, we thought we’d list down some food you should NOT be eating during exams, or at least, limit their consumption:

1. Chai/coffee
Yes, the caffeine seems to rouse your brain and keep you alert but believe it or not, it is NOT good for you. Drinking cup after cup of chai will only make you nervous and lethargic in the long-run.


Image source: mominamustehsan

2. Energy drinks
Ever experience the almost instant zing you feel as you empty a can of any energy drink or sugary soda? Trust me that instant spike is also followed by a rapid slump, not to mention the harmful additives and sugars wreaking havoc in your body! STAY AWAY from them, especially during the CIEs!

energy drinks

Image source: mahirakhan

3. Snacking

Non-stop studying is boring and what better way to drive boredom away than by munching on some Lays, cookies or bakery walay chips, right? Sure, the mechanical motion of reaching for them and shoving them down your throat seems to calm you down but all those  extra sugars and carbs will only make you feel heavy and sleepy.


Image source: haniaheheofficial


I can see your face now….you’re thinking “Okay, so she’s telling me to quit the ONE thing that tends to relax me during exam prep??? Why?????” Image result for distressed emoji

Calm down, I’m not telling you to starve yourself or give up stress-snacking altogether. But the fact is that food affects brain power and comfort food makes you relaxed, which you totally DON’T want during exam-time, right? BUT the right kind of food will boost your brain activity and help improve your performance. So, here we have a list of some foods you SHOULD consume while dying (sorry I meant studying Image result for tongue out emoji) for the CIEs:

1. First of all, EAT!

Students tend to skip meals when the burden of studying increases. “Ammi, abhi khanay ka dil nahi ker raha” are commonly heard words  during exams. But research shows that our brain slows down after a lot of mental activity, so you MUST take time to re-fuel it.


Image source: thekubism

Stop worrying your mothers and maintain a regular (healthy) intake. After all, ‘No Brain, No Gain!’ Image result for angel emoji

2. Almonds
I’m sure you’ve heard your mother and Nani say, “Badaam khaya karo, isse yaddasht achi hoti hai!” Trust me, this isn’t a myth. Almonds do actually boost our memory power.


Image source: India TV

Soak them in water overnight and eat them after peeling off their skin before or with breakfast. Almond power all the way!

3. Green tea

If you are one of those who can’t live without your chai, we’d recommend drinking green tea, instead, during exams. Green tea helps improve concentration and is lighter on the digestive system…in fact it aids digestion. And we all get queasy tummies during exams, right? Image result for wink emoji So, get your favourite green tea flavour or add some honey and/or lemon to the regular one and you’re good to go!  

green tea

Image source: ainyjafferyrehman

4. Water

Hydration is key to keeping your mind fresh and your body energised – two key elements for exam success. Have a bottle of water in hand at ALL times, especially in this dreadful heat!


Image source: mominamustehsan

5. Fruits

Most fruits are loaded with antioxidants which help in cleansing toxins from the body and hence, lower stress and anxiety. So, re-energise your body and mind by munching on apples, bananas, watermelon and the King of Fruits – MANGOES! If you are a compulsive fizzy drink consumer, shift to fruit juices instead, at least, during the exams!


Image source: thekubism

6. Eggs

Proteins are always a good idea, especially first thing in the morning! Eggs whether they are boiled or cooked, improve cognitive abilities. Make a quick scrambled egg and pair it up with sausages and toast and you’ll be ready to ace those exams!


Image source: pinterest

7. Leafy greens
Leafy, green vegetables like spinach and broccoli contain iron – essential for boosting performance. They are also packed with antioxidants and vitamins which help improve alertness and memory.

leafy greens

Image source: thekubism

God knows you need a memory boost during exam time, right?

8. Healthy snacking
We said ‘No’ to chips and cookies earlier and now you’re wondering what to munch on when your hands fidget while revising? Worry not…popcorns and noodles are a great alternative! They require less cooking time and provide the body with essential carbohydrates.

healthy snacks

Image source: Pinterest

Our advice…STAY AWAY from the unnecessary caffeine, fizz and fat and see how your body and mind feels absolutely renewed when you try these foods during exams!

Do you have some favourite brain-boosting foods that we haven’t covered? Tell us in comments!

An enthusiastic writer and blogger mastering the subtle art of sarcasm.

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