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Dot & Line curates the children’s section in the National History Museum, Lahore


Dot & Line curates the children’s section in the National History Museum, Lahore

Dot & Line curates the children’s section in the National History Museum, Lahore

The children’s section of the National History Museum of Pakistan in Lahore has been curated by Dot & Line and will be open to the public after Eid.

This section will be a permanent exhibit in the National History Museum, a project of the Parks and Horticulture Authority, Lahore, under the Government of Punjab, curated by The Citizens Archive of Pakistan (CAP).

Lina Ahmed and Maheen B. Adamjee of Dot & Line began this project with the aim of providing children the means to celebrate Pakistan through immersive exhibits that spark the senses and inspire – to touch, feel, scribble, hear and share their experience while learning about their unique culture. According to them, children in Pakistan need to know what makes their country one of the richest civilisations in the world and hence, the exhibits are designed to be interactive as well as informative to make Pakistani history exciting for younger children.

Sadequain and Noor Jehan

Noor Jehan (depicted on the left) who liked to sing since she was five years old and Sadequain (depicted on the right), born to a family of artists in Amroha, India,  taught himself to paint with the most beautiful colours and unusual techniques. Their stories have been told in the most graphic ways to enthrall children. Image source: Dot & Line Club Facebook page

Making history interesting, especially for young, impatient minds is no mean feat and the curators had to explore all kinds of markets, experiment with prototypes, develop engaging designs and ensure that the project was completed in the time frame given and met all standards and expectations.

Flip wall

This Flip Wall allows children to explore the heritage of each province including the materials used to build and mould; the intricate embroideries and prints that adorn our dresses; and the music and poetry that tell our stories. Image source: Dot & Line Club Facebook page

At the announcement of the project’s completion, the Dot & Line team thanked their project lead Halima Sadia for her design and execution efforts and for staying positive and determined against all odds. They also expressed their gratitude to Sharmeen Obaid for believing in them, CAP for giving them the opportunity, Marvi for her guidance as well as Sofia B and Aniqa for their reservoirs of patience.

Khyber Mail

The Khyber Mail – a historic train that carries passengers from Lahore to the ancient city of Peshawar while crossing almost 1,700 kilometres of tracks built through Jhelum bridge, narrow gorges, rugged mountains, stony tunnels, vast fields and over the mighty Indus through Attock Bridge! Image source: Dot & Line Facebook page

The museum – the first of its kind in the country – is located in the recently renovated Greater Iqbal Park in Lahore, home to the iconic Minar-e-Pakistan and bordered by the beautiful Lahore Fort. The park is open and free for the public which means that the museum will be frequented by children once it opens to the public after Eid.

Dot & Line Club is an alternative educational platform providing avenues to help expand confidence, imagination, creativity, motor skills, movement and dance in children aged nine months to 12 years.

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