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7 Reasons why teachers are like your ‘Ammi’!


7 Reasons why teachers are like your ‘Ammi’!

7 Reasons why teachers are like your ‘Ammi’!

Whether they are our favourite lenient teachers or the kharoos, authoritarian ones, teachers almost always shape us to be better individuals in one way or another. They teach us, scold us and shower us with motherly affection!

So, we thought we’d tell you WHY teachers are like your second mothers on this Mother’s Day:

1. They care about you
You are on a school trip enjoying every moment with your pals when a teacher reverts to ‘spoilsport mode’ and tries to limit your enjoyment? “Wahan nahi jao!”, “Daurro mat!”

caring teachers

Image source: India TV

Sure, you hate it then but I’m sure somewhere in your heart you KNOW that they do it only out of LOVE for you! They just don’t want you to get hurt.

2. They moral police you

Your mother teaches you manners and morals but you spend more time in school and that too, surrounded with friends whom you play AND fight with! So, a teacher is the one who makes you ACT upon those morals more often. “Say sorry to your friend”, “Straighten your uniform”, “Sharing is caring”…you get the gist.

moral police

Image source:

These daily reminders help you develop your moral compass without you even knowing!

3. They appreciate you
They are happy even with your teeny-tiny progress and appreciate it whole-heartedly. So motherly, right? Image result for hug emoji

appreciating teachers

Image source: tumblr

4. They are always there for you
“Bachon, koi bhi cheez nahi samajh mein aaye tou mujh se pooch lena!”

From the smallest Math problem to the biggest issue wreaking havoc in your personal life, teachers are ALWAYS there to listen, share and solve!

teachers listen

Image source:

5. They know…but don’t tell (Thank God!)

Sometimes teachers are aware of our ‘dark side’ as well but choose not to broadcast it. Whether it is the time you were caught cheating in a test or pursuing a romantic interest, they believe in second chances and don’t tell your parents…until of course, they HAVE to!

teachers know

Image source: Twitter

Phew Image result for sweat emoji

6. They celebrate your achievements
After your parents, teachers are the ones who feel extreme delight and pride whenever you achieve something in life!

celebrate achievements

Image source: FilmiBeat

Akhir student kis ka tha?!” Image result for wink

7. And of course, they scold the hell out of you

And last but definitely not the least, teachers are TOTALLY like your mother because they can scold and punish you till you remember your NaniImage result for laugh crying emoji

“Itna bura test? Chalo murgha bano!”

It’s just as well that corporal punishments are not allowed in schools, otherwise teachers would use flying chappals just like your mother does! And of course, BOTH mothers and teachers utter the same words after a sound scolding, “Jo bi kehti hoon tumharay bhalay ke liye hi kehti hoon!”

But just like we love our mothers in spite of all the daant, pitayi and sakhti, we love our second mothers too!

An enthusiastic writer and blogger mastering the subtle art of sarcasm.

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