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THESE are our FAVOURITE ‘Ammis’ from Pakistani dramas!


THESE are our FAVOURITE ‘Ammis’ from Pakistani dramas!

THESE are our FAVOURITE ‘Ammis’ from Pakistani dramas!

Being a mother brings with it a barrage of emotions, sacrifices and challenges. It may be the BEST thing in the word but there’s no doubt that it’s also the HARDEST.

Mothers are the epitome of unconditional love for their children. And while our real-life moms, Ammis and Ammas are simply awesome, this Mother’s Day, we thought we’d remember all the iconic women who played the ‘Ammi role’ beautifully in our dramas. So, here goes…

1. Rafia from Zindagi Gulzaar Hai
Zindagi Gulzaar Hai was a massive on-screen hit due to the strong character of Kashaf Murtaza played by the versatile Sanam Saeed. But let’s not forget who the propelling force BEHIND Kashaf was – her mother! Samina Peerzada, as Kashaf’s mother, proved that ‘Har kamyab aurat ke peechay eik aurat hi ka haath hota hai!’


Image source: Drama Time

Samina Peerzada as Rafia, was an educated woman who did not let ANYONE undermine her daughters. Abandoned by her husband for the ‘crime’ of giving birth to three daughters, she raised them to be as strong (if not more) as sons!

2. Shehwar from Durr-e-Shehwar
Durr-e-Shehwar rightly showed that that life is NOT a bed of roses and only patience has the power to direct circumstances in our favour. When Shehwar’s (played by Samina Peerzada) daughter complained about the difficulties in her married life, she reflected on her own exhausting and strained marriage and how only courage and tolerance led to good days. This drama proved the exceptional strength of women, especially, mothers.


Image source: Dawn

3. Saima Chaudhry from the Baraat Series

Played by the evergreen Bushra Ansari, Saima Chaudhry left her mark on our hearts AND minds in the Baraat Series! She portrayed a great mom, concerned with the marriages of her children and family. Always full of life and ready with a hilarious joke, she made the audience crack up into fits of laughter time and again! Not to mention, her absolute obsession to become a ‘maadern’ fashion designer and politician.


Image source:

Saima Chaudhry is Image result for heart!

4. Sajida from Udaari
Udaari gained immense popularity due to its sensitive topic – child abuse. Sajida, (played by Samiya Mumtaz), had a young daughter, Zebo, from her first husband when she re-married. When she found out that her 10-year-old was being sexually abused by her second husband, she was (obviously) enraged. She stabbed him and escaped with her daughter. She did everything to protect Zebo thereon, and even changed her identity.

However, eventually her husband found them and had her arrested for his attempted murder. Initially, Sajida held her tongue in the court trial to protect her daughter’s honour but eventually she spoke out and based on her testimony and the evidence against him, she was released while he was sentenced to life imprisonment.

A mother can go to any length to protect her children, right? 

5. Saaliha from Dastaan
Dastaan focused on the hardships faced by Muslims during the partition of India. Once again, Samina Peerzada depicted the role of a sacrificing mother who does everything to protect her daughter, Bano, during partition. I will not lie…this drama had me in tears as I watched scenes depicting the struggles our ancestors had been through!


Image source: Drama Time

6. Bilqees from Bilqees Kaur
At the drama’s onset, we all viewed Bilqees (played by Bushra Ansari) as a strict, almost EVIL mother. But as the plot unfolded and her struggles and hardships were revealed, we saw that she was simply a caring mother who didn’t want her children to commit the same mistakes she had in her youth.

Bilqees Kaur

Image source: Drama Time

Her husband turned out to be a nikamma, forcing her to become the bread-earner for her family. Simply put, Bilqees had a soft core hidden beneath a hard cocoon.

7. Rasheeda from Udaari
Rasheeda, played by Bushra Ansari belonged to a family of local musicians and earned her living by singing at events and weddings. She was criticised for her profession by all and sundry and degradingly referred to as a meerasi (inheritors of music and culture).

Rasheeda fro Udaari

Image source: The Express Tribune Blog

But she didn’t let this keep her from doing her job and she had complete faith in the singing talent of her daughter Meera and supported her auditions and practice. We tend to forget that the REAL reason Meera turned out to be such a popular singer was her mother, Rasheeda!

8. Samina Peerzada from Shehr-e-Zaat
Ammis are LOVE but Nanis and Dadis are no less, right? As Falak’s Nani in Shehr-e-Zaat, Samina Peerzada proved this by guiding Falak about humanity, religion and spirituality throughout the serial!


Image source: Pinterest

These are OUR favourite mothers from the Pakistani drama industry. Do YOU have any favourites we have missed? Tell us in comments!

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