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What’s YOUR fashion statement during school runs?


What’s YOUR fashion statement during school runs?

What’s YOUR fashion statement during school runs?

I remember when my husband installed a satellite dish for the first time in our home. After tuning and sequencing the news channels and then of course, his sports channels, he turned his attention to my favourites.

Excitedly, he showed me what he had ‘found’ – Ftv – a channel that played runway clips all day! It was like a gift that never stopped giving! From gorgeous, glimmering ball gowns to sporty chic pieces – FTV provided fashion inspiration for every possible occasion!


Long gone are those days of peacefully enjoying TV without rushing from one kid to another, or being sat on by one kid (or two!) while trying to watch some mindless (but appropriate) entertainment. And yet, the runway prevails, albeit, outside the box and in REAL life. Yes, you guessed it – the fashion parade at school runs! The variety of fashions you can come across as you rush to make it to school on time or while you wait for your car under the trees outside school is nothing short of amazing!

The morning drop-off is definitely more varied while pick-up time brings with it SOME semblance of harmony but in either case, the fun never ends!

  1. The sleepy heads

This would be me and others like me, a.k.a. the PJs clan. While some make an effort to dress their PJs up with a regular T-shirt or a comfy kurta, many others commit wholly and solely to the ‘PJ look’ and truly rock their bright Hello Kitty or pastel-coloured teddy bear/unicorn sets unapologetically!

Moms in PJs

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  1. The breakfast aunties

While these hoity toities are a little tough to differentiate from the working mums, there are some dead giveaways – the latest edition of formal lawn suits, a myriad of accessories coupled with a bright lipstick and of course – high…and I mean HIGH…heels that make zero sense at 7 freakin’ a.m!

Breakfast mummies

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  1. The gym buffs

Modelesque, super fit and toned, a high ponytail, a fitted T-shirt or cool tank top, uber trendy sneakers complete with neon accents, and the highlight – earphones!

Gym Moms

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  1. The early office goers

Oh sooo busy…bustling around, kid in one hand and a cell phone in the other, these ladies are too busy to even look you in the eye, strutting their stuff with a purposeful stride! Be it a slim fit suit with a contrasting tie, straight-cut pants with a collared shirt or a smart kurta with kitten heels, these worker ants are dressed to the nines!

Work moms

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  1. The ‘Are-they, Aren’t-they?’

These are the fluid folks; they fall between categories and are neither here nor there!

  • Shalwar kameez with sneakers: Are they going to/returning from the gym or are they just protecting their feet???
sneakers with shalwar

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  • The always tayyaar: Do they just love being dressed up or are they actually going somewhere???
Always tayyar

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  1. And finally…the ALWAYS bezaar

And then there’s me – mostly dishevelled, TOTALLY sleep deprived, rocking my bed-head while hiding behind an ENORMOUS pair of sunglasses! Image result for wink emoji

Always bezaar

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How many of these mommies do you see during the school run and which of these style categories do YOU fall in, mommy? Tell us in comments!

Three kids always on the go, always fabulous. A drama queen on the stage of every day, join in as I recount the experiences of our shared realities!

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