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Have you visited Kinder Academy in Karachi yet?


Have you visited Kinder Academy in Karachi yet?

Have you visited Kinder Academy in Karachi yet?

If there is one thing that I love AND hate…it’s a play date. Wait…hear me out! Yes, in concept, it is the BEST of both worlds; you get to meet and hang out with your friends while your kids do the same with their’s! But the catch that comes into play is when you have multiple kids of completely different ages with completely different interests!

While my boys, aged seven and three years, can still have a good time simply running, climbing and basically horsing around, my one-year-old girl is either sleepy, hungry or plain bored! So, when I was invited to the Kinder Academy Open House/play date, I went with the usual mixed expectations.

Entrance to the campus 

The moment I entered, the sweet, welcoming smiles of the Kinder Academy staff made me smile too. A second later, I spotted a jungle gym and a sand pit and I knew that entertainment for my boys was sorted at least.

But my supremely excited boys ran downstairs before I could even point it out! Fast forward to the basement (because if you don’t forward fast enough, you’ll never catch up with them!) and it was a whole different ballgame.


Basement activities 

The large ball pen and myriad of activities in the basement surprisingly catered to all three age groups! The main area was a mini play gym with tunnels and slides fit for the younger lot and little corners with cars, rings, floor puzzles and mini houses that didn’t even require an imagination to run wild! My younger ones got comfortable immediately and (almost) forgot about me while the older, more curious one, began exploring the adjoining rooms…and ‘Oh, what a joy they were!’

The first room – a music room had a variety of instruments and a mic while the second one had the most fun activities! From block printing to a table with sections full of slime, macaroni and beads – it was a sensorial dream come true!

But just when I set down my bag (and myself), all set to chill, Son 2 suddenly remembered the outdoor area and bolted back upstairs. Meanwhile, I heard somebody say ‘Chai’ and was wondering whether to leave them alone when yet another perceptive staff member encouraged me to go ahead and take a break while she looked after my kids. Hesitant but relieved, I headed upstairs and admired (in peace, I might add) the adorable classrooms and the engaging library.

Outdoor activities 

Stepping outside, I looked longingly at the tea table and condiments but turned away to push my kid who was already on the swing, instead. But to my pleasant surprise, the Kinder staff came to my rescue once again! Two male attendants were already there to push my son on the swing.

With a (I’m sure the biggest, silliest) smile on my face, I helped myself to Nutella waffles, took a much-needed seat on the soft, artificial grass and breathed in the beautiful evening air. Not too long after, an attendant from downstairs escorted Son 1 upstairs and informed me that my 12-month-old was fast asleep!

“What? Where? How did that happen?”

She escorted me to a door in front of the library and as she opened it softly, out crept a gentle sweet smell and a waft of cool fresh air…and there, in the dim light of a beautiful, subtly painted room was my baby girl, sleeping peacefully under a plush blanket.

Need I say more?

When it was time to go, my happy but exhausted boys and my now fresh and rested baby girl were handed the best giveaway – a notepad and colouring pencils. So much attention to detail and pampering!

See, now THIS is a pre-school/daycare where I will definitely be sending my kids!

You can find details for Kinder Academy below:

Address: D-22/1 Block 4 Clifton, Karachi


Email: [email protected]

Phone: 0315-4525252

Three kids always on the go, always fabulous. A drama queen on the stage of every day, join in as I recount the experiences of our shared realities!

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