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6 pranks to play on your students this April Fools’ Day!


6 pranks to play on your students this April Fools’ Day!

6 pranks to play on your students this April Fools’ Day!

Tired of the monotonous routine of teaching? Bored of the same old syllabus? Don’t worry teachers, we’ve got your back! This April Fools’ Day plan some fun pranks to play on your students for a change! After all, why should kids have all the fun? Image result for wink emoji

Do I hear you say you’re too old to pull pranks? Trust me, try getting down to their level and fool them on April 1st; if nothing, everyone will have a good laugh and it will strengthen your teacher-student bond!

Surprise! Surprise!
Everybody thinks that the only surprise a teacher can give is a surprise test. Well, let’s go with this, then. Announce a surprise test and watch as all the students look at each other in panic. To make it seem even more ‘real’, prepare the test beforehand with the most difficult questions you can come up with. After you have thoroughly enjoyed the distressed expressions of your students, announce the joke!

Surprise surprise

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We’ll see who has the last laugh, eh?

When a student enters the classroom, ask him/her, “Aaj mera favourite student kaisa hai?”

The student will most likely look delighted at the thought of being your favourite student and will reply, “Bilkul theek Ma’am”.

Burst his bubble and say, “Oh, Mein tou iss liye pooch rahi thi kyunke mein ne suna tha ke Ali ki tabiyat kharab hai”.


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The class will burst into laughter and his/her red-face will be unforgettable!

Shhh…it’s a secret!
Act like you have good news that you are hiding. Think of something your students will enjoy like a school trip, a holiday or an event. Gradually give out pieces of details to the curious students and watch their suspense build up. After two or three days, tell them it was just a joke and watch the disappointed faces of the little devils! Image result for devil emoji


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Extra classes
When holidays are approaching, tell the students that the school has decided to delay the holidays by one week to finish the syllabus. Let them know on the day they think will be their last day before the holidays. After thoroughly enjoying their frustration and annoyance, tell them the truth. You will all have a good laugh and their holiday fun will be multiplied!

extra classes

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Where are your assignments?
Involve a few students in this prank. Announce to the class that you are very disappointed since no one submitted their assignments except a few students. Send these ‘star’ students off on an early break as a ‘reward’. The whole class will undoubtedly be stunned because no one will remember this bogus assignment you never gave. Once you have enjoyed their confusion, you can give them all an early break!


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Pranks galore!
You can pull prank-after-prank on your students on April 1st if you are creative enough! Tell your students the day before that you will not be coming to school the next day. Most probably, they’ll be ecstatic at the prospect of free classes. Then, show up the next day and watch their ‘Oh No!’ faces in glee. Take it a step further and give bad grades to everyone on their recent test and tell them you’re going to call their parents due to their poor performance. You can even involve other teachers in your practical jokes to make it even more fun!


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What are you planning to do with your students this April Fools’ Day? Tell us in the comments below!

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