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7 Reasons why parents SHOULDN’T text!


7 Reasons why parents SHOULDN’T text!

7 Reasons why parents SHOULDN’T text!

Parents and technology have a complicated relationship. They either hate it or grow too fond of it – there’s no ‘in-between’. Remember when parents didn’t use social media? Those were good times. Image result for wink emoji

But nowadays, we find parents and relatives popping up on every social media platform, especially WhatsApp. I don’t think anything is more annoying than your family WhatsApp group. Right? So, here are some of the times when I have been dismayed, dumbfounded and even downright embarrassed by my parents’ texts or rather ‘attempts at texting’:

1. They take emojis wayyyyy too literally…

Parents can get too excited with the variety of emojis and you can end up receiving a text that looks like this:

Food emojis

Image source: TheBrightSide

Or this:

Cash emoji

Image source: TheBrightSide

2. They misunderstand emojis…

I’m sure your parents have misused emojis when texting you, right? Here’s what mine did…

sweaty emoji

Image source: TheBrightSide

And this:

pissed off emoji

Image source: TheBrightSide

3. Online slang is lost on them…

Abbreviations and initials are often misunderstoodImage result for facepalm emoji


Image source: TheBrightSide

4. Yet, they trudge along…

But once your parents have decided that they are going to be a part of the maddening world of social connectivity, there is no turning back for them. Their fingers are too slow on the keypad and the upgrades baffle them completely. But kudos to their level of determination!

First text

Image source: TheBrightSide

5. They are masters at forwarding messages…
Ever notice how parents ALWAYS forward those messages with emotional statements like,
Iss message ko 10 logon ko forward karein takay mushkilaat se bach sakein.’
Not to mention the religious messages aimed at their nafarmaan aulaad!

Nafarmaan aulaad

Image source : mangobaaz

6. They can get eerily obsessed with texting…

They’ll text you again and again on the same day, minute after minute….sometimes even when they are sitting in the next room! Seriously, why Papa why?

Obsessed with text

Image source: TheBoredPanda

7. They send loooooong videos…

They’ll share those 10-minute long videos with chipmunks dancing on DJ Waley Babu Mera Gana Chala Do or Maulana Tariq Jameel’s eye-opening clips in WhatsApp groups.

And then, they’ll make you watch the SAME videos on THEIR phone too when they catch sight of you! You make excuses and slink back to your room while wishing you could do this:

long video forwards

Image source:

But you know what? Now that I’m telling you about all my parents’ antics on social media, I’m finding them terribly cute! So what do your parents do while texting?

An enthusiastic writer and blogger mastering the subtle art of sarcasm.

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