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7 Valentine’s Day gift ideas you MUST avoid!


7 Valentine’s Day gift ideas you MUST avoid!

7 Valentine’s Day gift ideas you MUST avoid!

With Valentine’s Day just around the corner, love is in the air and so is confusion! YES, you read that right. While couples look forward to celebrating the day with their loved ones, they’re also stuck in the complex and confusing situation of what to gift their partner. Remember: those who say gifts aren’t important are probably just lying!

While we might not enjoy the struggle of buying a present, we all love being at the receiving end. But there’s nothing worse than receiving a bad present! To save you from the torture, we did a survey to find out about the worst presents people received on Valentine’s Day and know exactly what you should avoid!

So, here’s a list of 7 flop Valentine’s Day gift ideas:

  1. Unconventional flowers
    So…you think red roses are a cliché for Valentine’s Day? STOP RIGHT THERE! ABORT THAT THOUGHT! Pro tip: No matter how much you dislike these clichés, always, I repeat ALWAYS go with them. Seriously, not many will understand the ‘Baby, I love you with all your thorns’ theory.
Thorny flowers

Image source:

2. Handmade cards
Greeting cards are always a good idea and the effort that goes into making handmade cards just adds to the charm. But cards like the one below are just creepy rather than cute! Avoid them at all costs. Related image

handmade cards

Image source:

3. Heart-shaped items
Valentine’s is all about red and heart-shaped items, right? However, that doesn’t mean you can put anything in a heart-shaped container and call it romantic! Content matters too (if not more!)

heart shaped meat

Image source:

‘‘Gosht bhi mehenga hota hai’’ logic DOES NOT work. Don’t channelize your inner desi on 14th Feb at least!

4. Couple’s clothing
No matter how cheesy and adorable the ‘He’s mine/She’s mine’ shirts seem to you, DON’T buy them because they’re embarrassing! Trust me, you can celebrate your love without being weirdos in public. Image result for emojis

Matching clothing

Image source: Meme Center

5. Empty wallet
Planning a dinner date on Valentine’s Day? Make sure there’s money in your wallet. It’s rude to take your partner on a date and make them pay for it! Whether it is 20 rupaay ki channa chaat or a fancy candlelight dinner, nobody likes extra billing on a special day. NOBODY.

empty wallet

Image source:

6. Stay away from the budget buys
It’s not smart to use Valentine’s Day as an excuse to buy her the microwave or washing machine she’s been asking for for months! Make it about her and not the house or YOURSELF! Gift her something extra special and don’t make her curse the ‘Stupid Cupid’.

good wife guide

Image source:

7. Nothing. Zilch. Nada.
The best way to offend your partner is by giving him/her nothing. Nobody wants excuses on Valentine’s Day! Explanations such as  ‘‘Gift doon tou bhi masla, na doon tab bi masla’’ can cost you your loved one!

No excuses

Image source:

So, what are you waiting for? Filter your gift list and enjoy your V-Day! Related image

Note: The above stunts were performed by experts and are highly risky and dangerous! So don’t try them at home. Image result for emojis

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