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School Stream App: Haque Academy uses technology to enhance parent-teacher communication


School Stream App: Haque Academy uses technology to enhance parent-teacher communication

School Stream App: Haque Academy uses technology to enhance parent-teacher communication

Before I had my son, I would see those with children around me running around in the late hours of the evening to get a book bound, a report printed, a photocopy done – all because children had forgotten to tell their parents until the last minute!

And now that I have a three-year-old of my own, I understand the angst and irritation of those parents. What is worse than being faced with the large, sorry eyes and the meek expression of a child who has forgotten to tell you about the project that is “due tomorrow” for the umpteenth time and after numerous lectures on NOT.DOING.JUST.THAT.

My son has a mini-folder that he brings home from school every day with a daily report inside about the songs they sang, the stories they read, his mood at school and so forth. And us moms have a Whatsapp group that one mother or the other regularly updates with the day’s notices so that any mother who has missed out on the notice or if her child has been absent from school, can be notified. But recently I found out that the school has subscribed to an App called the School Stream which all parents with children at Haque Academy in KG 1 and above have to download to keep themselves updated about all school activities, happenings and notices.

Being the curious mum I am, I decided to check it out and downloaded it from the Apple store on my phone. And to say that I was astounded would be an understatement. From each class’s timetable to their after school and extracurricular programs; from homework details categorized by class and section to notices, alerts and forms; to contact details including links to their website and social media – it was literally the school and all its facilities at my fingertips!

Haque Academy school stream app Haque Academy school stream Haque Academy school stream

And this is exactly what some mothers with children studying at Haque Academy in KG 1 and above said to me about the School Stream App:

Rabiya, who has a son in Grade 1 said, “It gives us reminders of all that goes on in school from bake sales to field trips.” When asked if this was a supplement to the school diary she said, “The school diary is basically only for homework; however, the App is updated about everything including homework for higher grades.”

Kiran, who has a daughter in Grade 3 said, “I use Haque Academy’s School Stream App. It has an option which allows you to select your kid’s class and section and hence, you receive notifications accordingly.”

Saniya, who has a son in Grade 2 said, “I use the (Haque Academy’s) School Stream App regularly and as a working mother I find it so convenient because it allows me to keep abreast about all the school happenings even when I’m at work…so I don’t get a heart attack when my son tells me that he needs something for an activity the next day because of course, he forgets, but School Stream helps me remember!”

There is no denying the fact that this is a quicker and more economical way to interact with parents and students and allows parents to keep tabs on all school happenings. From what I have found so far is that the App is free for parents as long as the school is a School Stream subscriber. Once you download the App from the App store, you can simply search for any school that you wish to find. If the school has subscribed for the application, it will appear on the list and once you log in, all the information will literally be a click away…as long as your phone is charged of course! Image result for wink emoji

Is your child’s school on the School Stream App? Ask the school to subscribe and make your life easier!

A thinker, reader and writer, always trying to make sense of this world and always seeking justice, mother of a fiesty three-year-old who has taken over her heart (and life!)

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