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5 times Pakistani teachers had the best response to their students’ crap!


5 times Pakistani teachers had the best response to their students’ crap!

5 times Pakistani teachers had the best response to their students’ crap!

Being a student is hard but being a teacher is harder! Their job is not just teaching students; sometimes they need to be downright sassy to deal with all the insanity students put them through!

And although students are always equipped with pranks and questions to outwit teachers, sometimes teachers can quite cleverly turn the tables on their students. Here are some of those moments:

  1. When the teacher decides to check homework, there are always some students who say,

Homework kiya tha but notebook ghar bhool gaya.”

And the teacher looks at them with an eyebrow raised and asks,

“Khana khana tou nahi bhooltay. Homework kyun bhool jaatay ho?”

Nothing beats that! Does it? Image result for wink emoji

Forgot homework

  1. When students try to get a bit too friendly with teachers and say things like,

“Miss aaj na parhayein. Aaj baatein kartay hein.”

Most teachers respond with a firm “No” but some clever ones say,

Chalo aaj nahi parhtay. Lekin syllabus cover kernay ke liye phir mujhe extra classes leni pareingi. Woh bata do kab loon?”

Extra classes

Image source: Sizzle

The students, instantly alarmed at the prospect of ‘extra classes’ agree to study in the regular class.

Masoom bachchay!

  1. When a teacher spots a student chewing bubblegum in class (God Forbid).

They will not only ensure that he/she throws it in the bin but will also follow it up with a long, humiliating lecture (making the said child feel like that gum now stuck to the bottom of the bin!)

But you know which teachers just win the round? The ones who tell you to stick the gum in your hair. And when you look at them with a mix of shock and disgust they say,

“Jab baalon per nahi laga saktay tou meri class mein khaya bhi mat karo!”

Chewing gum

Image source: Tenor

Trust me, after this no student will ever eat gum in class again!

  1. When students don’t know the answers to questions in tests, they fill the space with all sorts of crap.

Urdu quizzes especially, are filled with a variety of bongiyaan.

Urdu quiz 1

Image source: Funny Photos & Pictures

But some teachers know just how to grade such papers

Urdu quiz 2

Image source: Funny Photos & Pictures

Humour and sarcasm FTW!

  1. And sometimes teachers go the extra mile just to get a kick out of it Image result for wink emoji

Why should students have all the fun, right???


Image source: mashable

What are some of the best responses YOU have given when faced with a Smart Aleck in class? Tell us at [email protected] 

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