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5 types of teenagers struggling in Pakistani schools


5 types of teenagers struggling in Pakistani schools

5 types of teenagers struggling in Pakistani schools

Teenage is often considered one of the most ‘happening’ times during one’s life. Teenagers struggle a lot in schools owing to the physical and psychological changes. From ‘happy-go-lucky-flowery girls’ to ‘no-idea-what’s-happening-greasy-haired boys’, schools are filled with a variety of teenagers.

Here are five types of teenagers struggling their way through the school years:

  1. The nerds

These are the spark plugs of every class. They sit in the front row and instantly raise their hand when the teacher asks a question. Whether it is Science or Math, ‘Inhein sab pata hota hai!’

They always remind the teacher of any test and homework and hence, are hated by all and given nicknames such as keera, battery, parhakoo, chamcha, Einstein and so forth.

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Understandably, nerds excel in studies but they struggle with social relationships. They are mostly introverts and if you are looking for one and can’t find him, try the library!

2. The bullies

Remember Jiyan from Doraemon? Well, that’s how bullies behave, beating and blackmailing their way through schools. They are usually big, strong boys with a group of chamchas, always conspiring and targeting their next victim.

As you can imagine, everybody hates them. And that’s their struggle. Often bullies throw their weight around because they feel lonely and rejected. It’s a vicious cycle for them.

Image source: tenor

3. The trendy-Wendy

Remember Poo from Kabhi Khushi Kabhi Gham? Looks in the mirror and says,

“Tumhay koi haq nahi banta ke tum itni khoobsurat lago?”

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You guessed it right! These are the ‘cool’ dudes and fashionistas in school. They are always dressed in the latest fashion trend and are never afraid to flaunt their style. The entire school admires and of course, envies them.

They can also be the centers of all the hot gossip in school,

“Pata hai kal Shumaila ne kia kiya? OMG I can’t even tell!”

Can’t imagine them struggling? But they do! They set the benchmark so high for themselves that they HAVE to look flawless in every picture they take! They are always concerned about the number of their Instagram followers. So much tension, right? Image result for sticking tongue emoji

The struggle is real.

4. The loners

These can be new students, but some just fail to make friends even after they settle in school. They try really hard to fit in every peer group but they just don’t seem to. They can be spotted sitting alone in class and at recess time and have a hard time in school. Poor souls Image result for crying emoji

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 5. The clueless

These kids have NO idea what is happening around them. None. Zilch. They can always be found asking,

“Yeh kia hai?”

“ Yeh kia horaha hai?”

“Yeh kia tha?”

Image source: tenor

They are always confused about assignments, homework, tests and even their social life and are frequently scolded by teachers. They remind me of the kid from Taare Zameen Per.

What kind of teenagers do you find struggling in school? Tell us at [email protected]

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