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These parents’ mornings will make you think you are blessed!


These parents’ mornings will make you think you are blessed!

These parents’ mornings will make you think you are blessed!

Ever feel ungrateful? Sick and tired of your troublesome life? Nagging parents, irritating siblings, annoying teachers?

Well, maybe you need to be a parent for one day just to see how life is always a mess once you have kids! Weekday mornings, especially, suck because of the mad rush to do everything while the clock ticks away like there’s no tomorrow!

There are numerous ‘to-dos’ and children choose the worst moments to throw tantrums or worse, fall sick. Let’s take a quick glance at an average morning for parents:

  1. Waking kids up (kill me now please!)

Children are never…I repeat…NEVER ready to wake up for school, no matter how early they go to bed the night before. You’ll hear parents chiming like a clock every half an hour (and then every five minutes as the clock starts ticking faster and faster!)

Uth jao saat baj gaye hain” (when it’s only 6:30 a.m.)

And the children always reply with,

“Bass paanch minute aur…”

Every morning it’s the same thing until parents lose it and the screaming, yelling and yanking off of blankets begin; finally forcing the children to stumble out of bed and rush to put their clothes on and stuff breakfast in their mouths as they hurtle out of the house!

2. Lost and found

Parents are like our personal ‘lost and found’ departments, right? Most children have a knack of not being able to find things, even when the said thing is right under their little noses! Every morning something or the other is lost…

“Ammi… tie nahi mil rahi!”
“Beta…wahin table par pari hui hai!”
“Ammi…nahi hai wahan!”

And then Ammi leaves the egg frying on the stove and bread toasting in the toaster to embark on a quest to find the lost tie. But try as she might some days even she can’t find it. And then she convinces her son that a day without a tie is not a big deal (even though in her heart she is berating herself). And when she returns to the kitchen, what does she find waiting for her? Burnt toasts and over-cooked egg…ugh!

Image source:

She sends you to school with a broken heart, an improper uniform and insufficient breakfast…and then finds the wretched tie resting on the floor near the table.

“Why Lord? Why????

3. The never-ending guilt 

You, as a child, may not know this but after you leave for school with a burnt breakfast and an earful of scolding, your mom sits down at the kitchen table, reprimanding herself,

Ainvi itna daant diya becharay ko. Sab bachchay hi late uthtay hein.”

“Bana hi deti French toast. Pata nahi school mein kuch khanay ko milayga ya nahi.”

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4. “Yeh naashta nahi karna!”

Children are never satisfied with the breakfast (or lunch or dinner!) provided. They make faces at milk and roll their eyes at eggs. When you painstakingly make them a paratha, they ask for toast and when you serve them toast, they refuse to eat that as well.

Aap kabhi acha nashta nahi banateen…” is a sentence mothers hear very often and I promise you it makes them want to pull their hair…or yours!)

Image source :

5. Uneaten school snacks

Trust me, it isn’t easy preparing school lunch along with breakfast. But parents do it every day just so their kids can have something healthy to eat at school. And yet, school snack boxes come home unopened at the end of the day. And children always want money to buy food from the canteen.

On the other hand, parents who give money for the canteen to their children always get to hear complaints too…

“Ali ki mama uskay liye itnay mazay ke sandwiches banati hein. Aap tou kuch bhi nahi karteen.”

Image source: pinterest

Bachchay hain ya susral? They are never happy! 

6. Working moms

Amidst all this madness, if you dare to be an ambitious working woman, the chaos just gets quadrupled. You not only have to wake up and get the children ready; you have to make breakfast, snacks, leave ‘household management instructions’ for the day and look spectacular yourself!

If only you had a magic wand, right?

But not only do you NOT have a wand, you also face mishaps almost daily, followed by whining and scolding.

Sardard, sardard, sardard…What a beautiful start of the day!

Image source: giphy 

  1. Sleeping in…ROFL!

Finally the weekend arrives and parents are ecstatic because they can sleep in and have no scheduled tasks. They think they will sleep off the fatigue of the entire week. But the joke’s on them again!

Children magically wake up early on the weekend and their energy has no limits! Try as they might to ignore the loud singing, TV blaring, jumping on the bed, parents eventually have to get up and go about the daily grind…all the while asking themselves why they even became parents in the first place!

Image source : pinterest

Grateful enough for your life now? Enjoy it till you have your own kids. Buahahaha!

An enthusiastic writer and blogger mastering the subtle art of sarcasm.

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