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10 things only a Nixor student can relate to…


10 things only a Nixor student can relate to…

10 things only a Nixor student can relate to…

They say it’s a party school but believe me this place doesn’t let you rock n’ roll much! To every fellow Nixor Shark out there, you know how the disco starts with a journey of two years at Nixor without the DJ playing any music!

It sure ain’t a party but good or bad, time spent at Nixor College cannot be easily forgotten and here’s why:

  1. “Have TED? We’re BESTIES from today!”

Someone just re-charged their Nixor credit card (a.k.a. TED) and got a whole new lot of best friends.

  1. Manchurian Love

Who can forget Danish bhai’s chicken Manchurian on Wednesdays?

  1. Grabbing that ONE ‘DSLR wala’ friend

Who cares if it is always in the same boring uniform? 2000 pictures, multiple poses and that Nixor café setting…not boring at all! You can always hear somebody at Nixor saying beseechingly,

  1. ‘Nixor Day’ preps…the struggle is real.

When you keep looking at your watch and answering your cell-phone which keeps ringing incessantly.

  1. Taunts and taanas by parents

We work our asses off in our studies and then have to arrange and attend so many extracurricular activities scheduled after 3 pm. And then when we get home, what do we hear from our parents?

  1. You CANNOT have your cake and eat it too!

If you’ve ever been part of Nixor Day’s Cake Committee, you know what I’m talking about…it get sooooo messy!

“Shabbir bhai, table pakre ya cake?”

You might have arranged for the cake but you’re not very likely to eat any of it…you know those hands and tongues. Ewwww…

  1. The drama that is ‘Nixor Corporate’

You think our politicians are drama queens? Nixor Corporate is where all the drama begins I think. For some, it’s a blessing in disguise but for many it’s just a game…that they’re losing! Image result for wink emoji

  1. #Nixor #partyschool…#NOT!

Seriously, I don’t know where and how this perception comes from.

Naam badaldoungi agar Farewell Party ke ilaawa koi aur party hui ho in dou saal mein!

  1. “Fazool Sunday NOT so Fazool”

The second year of A-Level at Nixor or A2 as it’s called is the only time where the beach doesn’t call you for work but for a very “farigh” time. Finally, there’s some good music to listen to!

  1. The place where either you ‘make-up’ or ‘break-up’

At Nixor, either you’ll find a friend for life or an enemy whom you’ll love to bash on social media! Related image

Which school do you attend? Tell us some things only students of your school can relate to at [email protected]





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