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Students giving you a hard time? Let’s ask the experts!


Students giving you a hard time? Let’s ask the experts!

Students giving you a hard time? Let’s ask the experts!

All teachers face difficult or challenging students once or more in their career. And all of them have their own unique ways of handling the situation.

We asked some veteran teachers their strategies and this is what they had to say…

  1. “Whenever a troubling scenario occurs in my classroom, my immediate response is to stay calm. God forbid, if you give in to the frustration or anger, you are likely to become less rational and the tension permeates from the teacher to the students.”

          Mrs. Asim, English Language Teacher, Grade IX

  1. “Be a coach! Listen attentively to your students. Encourage them to talk about their feelings or concerns and help them rephrase their comments.”

         Ms. Khalid, Grade IV teacher

  1. “Ever heard: ‘Hate the sin and not the sinner’? That’s exactly the rule one must apply when in the classroom! Your students must be able to tell that it’s their misbehaviour you dislike, not them.”

          Mr. Moin, Math Teacher, Grade VII               

  1. “Always try to remain courteous when faced with a student’s hostility or anger. Remember you are the adult! Showing students that you care about them and their problems will help earn respect and establish rapport.”

         Mrs. Khan, Science Teacher, Grade XI

  1. “Be a role model. Do as you would want your students to do. Be considerate of your students’ feelings if you want them to be of others. Be as organized and on-task as you would want your students to be.”

         Mrs. Lobo, English Teacher, Grade X

  1. “Keep your classroom rules clear and easy for students to follow.”

         Ms. Mansoor, Grade II teacher

  1. “Respect your students’ space. When you feel the need to speak to a student about his/her behaviour, always do so in private; this holds ample importance for adolescents. Public reprimands or lectures often trigger exaggerated, face-saving reactions.”

          Mrs. Agha, History teacher, Grade XI

  1. “Never resort to blame or ridicule.”

         Mr. Ahmed, Physics Teacher, Grade VI

  1. “As a teacher, it is imperative that we discourage cliques and other antisocial behaviour. Cooperative activities to encourage group identity come in handy at such times.”

       Ms. Hayat, Geography Teacher, Grade IX

  1. “Avoid labelling students. Anything that is labelled ‘good’ or ‘bad’ automatically attracts issues. Instead, you can use words such as ‘positive’, ‘acceptable’, ‘disruptive’ or ‘unacceptable’.”

      Mrs. Majid, Sports Teacher, Grade V

If you’re a teacher, tell us some of the ways you handle a challenging student or class. Email us at [email protected]

A mother of two, she is an educationist by day, a reader by night and a wife and mom all day; the little me-time she gets, she devotes to penning down her thoughts. Trying her hands at public relations, marketing and media relations, she found her true calling in teaching and of course, writing!

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