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Duas, dumms and duroods…a Muslim student’s way out!

Muslim student's


Duas, dumms and duroods…a Muslim student’s way out!

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Duas, dumms and duroods…a Muslim student’s way out!

It’s a fact that that nobody likes studying. And nobody likes being asked about results either. We all come up with excuses when we are asked about our studies, exams and results. It’s a talent and we are very proud of it  So here are some excuses we give at such times:

  • Usual ones

We start with the usual excuses like,

“Teacher ka qasoor tha….Paper mushkil tha…” etc.


But when these don’t work, we use religion as a shield and come up with really brilliant excuses!

  • Zero in tests

When your mom successfully finds the quiz you’ve been hiding for so long and questions you about about the big ‘Andaa’, Muslim kids don a sober expression and reply,

“Ammi, aakhirat mein amaalnama dekha jayega.”

Muslim student's

  • Sab faani hai

Muslim kids successfully excuse their bad grades by explaining the mortality of this world and the permanence of life after death,

Baba, kia achay kia buray grades? Sab ne hi eik din marr jaanaahai.”

Muslim student's
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  • Focus on the big picture

And if our parents still don’t understand, we insist on the fact that this world is a temporary place. Focusing on grades would obviously mean that we are more focused on the dunya, right? Duh!

Muslim student's
  • Backup plans

We have our backup plans whenever we are forced to study. Muslim girls, especially, find marriage to be an escape from the hardships of studying,

Amma, shaadi > supplementary.

Muslim student's
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  • Constant Astaghfaar-ing

When moms ask questions like,

Awaara doston ke saath ghoomtay ho, parho gay kab? Classes bhi letay ho ya awaaragardi hi kartay rehtay ho?”

Muslim kids grab their tasbeehs and do astaghfaar like it’s the end of the world!

Astaghfirullah Ammi, aap kaisi baatein ker rahi hein? Naooz-u-Billah!”

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  • Allah is the best of planners

They avoid being punished when scoring poorly in exams by meekly saying,

“Allah is Raheem- o- Kareem. He forgives his men for mistakes. I am not a farishta, Abbu. Reham kardein.”

Muslim student's
  • Dumm and durood

Never underestimate the power of Ayat-ul-Kursi! Muslim students are known to read it and blow on their papers to avoid ‘Satanic’ questions and also on themselves while standing before angry parents. Ayat-ul-Kursi is magic!

Muslim student's
(Souce: facebook/theHalalGags)
  • Combination of all

And when they’ve used all their excuses and are at a loss for words, Muslim students combine all the excuses in the hope that SOMETHING will make their parents’ hearts melt…

Muslim student's


What are your excuses when you get a bad grade or don’t do well in an exam? Tell us at [email protected]

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