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Top 5 breakfast places for school moms

school moms


Top 5 breakfast places for school moms

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Top 5 breakfast places for school moms

I LOVE weekdays! While I’m not averse to the occasional long weekend, I crave Mondays!

Operating on barely four hours of sleep, I stumble out of bed, often crashing into the bed-post while tip-toeing towards my first-born praying to God the second and third stay asleep. Eyes half open, we stumble through breakfast and lunchbox preps. Old enough to dress himself and entering full-throttle into the fiercely independent stage, my eldest proceeds to proudly get ready while I curl up on the sofa periodically prompting him to get off the pot, turn off the tap etc. – you know the drill…

With five minutes left before we need to exit the house, (it’s all a very calculated affair, mind you), I wake up the ‘man-baby’ with a ridiculously fake, syrupy sweet voice and he begrudgingly shuffles to his room, emerging three minutes later in exactly the same T-shirt and jeans as last Monday..

A couple of sweet goodbyes later, the door closes behind them and I know nothing can stop me from jumping right back under my cosy comforter, snuggle up to kid number two and smile my way back to ‘La-la-land’.…

Unless, of course…we’re going for BREKKIE – the perfect outing sans kids!

Till I crawl into bed at midnight, the day is all about the kids – lunch, homework, extracurriculars, blah blah blah…From 8 a.m. to 1 p.m. however, I am the Queen! And when it comes to a breakfast outing, the Queen doth over-dress and demand the best!

So, here are some of my favourite places for breakfast-ing in Karachi:

  1. Xander’s

Oh God I love love love Xander’s! From their full frothy cappuccino with that supremely satisfying shot of hazelnut to their perfectly poached eggs; from the crunchy granola to the Nutella french toast. Not to mention the regular smattering of uber-cool celebs and even better-dressed fellow mommies, Xander’s is a treat!

Every. Single. Time.

school moms

  1. Butlers Chocolate Café

Another evergreen spot, Butlers is always bustling with an unmatched energy. The huge portions and chocolates accompanying their beverages are to die for! I love the wide variety in their menu. Pick whatever your appetite demands – you will not be disappointed!

My personal favourites are the Full Irish Breakfast, the Mediterranean salad and open-faced salmon sandwich. And it’s a ‘chocolate café, right? So you HAVE to end the outing on a sweet note – a warm chocolate chip brownie or a double shot vanilla cold coffee, yum yum yum!

school moms

  1. Neco’s Natural Store & Café

Nashta needs to be varied and Neco’s gives you a smattering of Pakistani yummies along with continental breakfast options. Go for their tawa qeema and lassi or their peanut butter milkshake and cinnamon French toast. So so good!

school moms

  1. Dialogue

Good décor and attentive waiters aside, the deliciously spicy Mediterranean omelette and Nutella French Toast (yes, I have a ‘thing’ for Nutella) are really good! The close proximity to designer stores didn’t hurt either! 😉

school moms

  1. Floc

Nestled away with a ‘posh library feel’, thanks to the myriad book shelves lining the walls, the coffee and scrambled eggs only add to the whimsy!

school moms

  1. Mocca

Yes, this makes the top five breakfast places in K-town but Mocca deserves a special mention. Heck, a place named after coffee HAS to have good coffee, right? And the delicious desserts are a huge bonus too!

school moms

So, what are you waiting for? Go! Eat and enjoy! And the best part is if your child stays home from school unexpectedly, don’t let it keep you from these awesome places. All of the above are super child-friendly, YAY!

Tell us your favourite breakfast places in YOUR city at [email protected]

Three kids always on the go, always fabulous. A drama queen on the stage of every day, join in as I recount the experiences of our shared realities!

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