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Students in Pakistan…one of each kind!

Students in Pakistan


Students in Pakistan…one of each kind!

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Students in Pakistan…one of each kind!

Today I have picked my pen not just to write a fun piece mocking different characters found in a typical classroom, but in fact to highlight the struggles that students go through, regardless of their grades.

I believe identifying each type is a pre-requisite for any dedicated and professional teacher since this helps a teacher to customize their teaching styles according to each student’s capabilities effectively and make the student feel more comfortable and confident. Overall I meet a lot of students with their own individual personalities but the most common types that I aim to highlight are found in every class.

  1. Dedicated students

The most obvious type that is always a treat for a dedicated teacher is a dedicated student. Such students are serious in their studies from every angle. The rare quality which such students possess is their nature of being proactive in their efforts towards studies. They are ahead of most of the students and sometimes even the teachers. Perfect in class, assignments, discussions, presentations and of course, grades. But in this race to be perfect, they forget to maintain a balance between academics and extra-curricular activities. They literally turn into robots struggling to achieve perfection to the point that they are never happy and or satisfied. They miss out on all the fun, outings and group study sessions which are an important part of school life and remain isolated.

Students in Pakistan

  1. Carefree lads and lasses

At the other extreme are the carefree students. They waste time, are lazy and can often be found yawning in class. Their disturbed sleep and excessive screen usage is evident in the huge dark circles around their eyes. Perhaps they want to appear ‘cool’ and uncaring but such bad habits eventually result in bad health and weak nervous systems.

Students in Pakistan

  1. Jokers

Every class has a joker…or two or even three! These students try their best to be light-hearted and act like the clown of the class. But sometimes they go too far and people end up laughing AT them instead of with them. Usually, by this time it is already too late and when they try to break this joker image of themselves, they can’t, and no one takes them seriously.

Students in Pakistan

  1. Strugglers

These poor students struggle to keep up with the pace of the class. And their problem is that not only do they struggle with the syllabus, they also shy away from asking for help. They are usually not very social so group studies or online groups are out of the question for them. Even interacting with teachers is too difficult for them.

  1. Confused souls

These students are just…lost. They don’t know why they have chosen a certain course or even a degree at times. They are usually the ones who have either been forced by their parents or been influenced by their family or friends to choose a certain profession. They waste their entire academic years and sometimes even their entire lives trying to fulfill someone else’s dreams while abandoning (and sometimes not even knowing) their own.

Students in Pakistan

While it may be entertaining to watch this variety of students in class, the truth is we must strive for a better education system where the strengths of each student can be identified and worked upon so that each student lives up to his full potential and realizes his goals!

Which one of these student types do you identify with? Tell us at [email protected]!

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