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Sleeping in after having kids….a distant dream

distant dream


Sleeping in after having kids….a distant dream

Sleeping in after having kids….a distant dream

It’s 6:45 in the morning and I am pondering one of the greatest mysteries of life: how is it that — despite sticking to the daily routine like glue and going to bed at the exact same time every night — school mornings require kids to be dragged off the pillows, while on weekends they are awake bright and early, fired up and raring to go!

I mean, anytime before 10:00 am on Sunday is the friggin’ middle of the night, right?

I did an online search to find some answers. Instead, I got pages and pages of parents asking the exact same question. It’s a global phenomenon. There’s me in Pakistan wondering about it, and Pam in some boondock town in the USA, and Gary Barlow (of Take That fame) from the UK is tweeting it, yet nobody knows why on weekdays it is the kids whining,

“Can I sleep just five more minutes?”

distant dream

While on the weekends it is the parents pleading,

“Can you sleep just five more minutes?”

One mommy blogger had some sort of breakthrough. She asked her son and it turned out that he woke up early on weekends because, to quote him,

“(The weekend) was too short and I don’t want to miss a minute of it.”

Fair enough. But this brings us to the next mystery: how does a pre-schooler — who has just learned the days of the week — know? I never tell my kid she has school the next day (I don’t like to ruin the surprise). Likewise, I never tell her that it will be Sunday the next day. Does it have something to do with that eighth sense we are all supposedly born with and lose as we grow older? Like the ability to see angels?

No really…I once asked her,

“Hey sweetie, how did you know today was Sunday?”

And she replied, “I felt it in my boooooones!”

So I tried to trick her. On a Friday night, I said to her,

“Go to sleep now; we have school tomorrow.”

And to nobody’s utter shock, the next day she was bouncing on my stomach at the crack of dawn.

distant dream

Then, on Sunday night I said,

“Go to sleep now; tomorrow’s the weekend!”

Come morning and the heartbreaking wails made me wonder if I was a bad mum for wanting to give my child an education.

It’s downright spooky I tell you, this astonishing ability. And I only have, oh, the rest of my life to figure it out.

Are your kids early risers on the weekends too? What do you do about it? Tell us your story at [email protected]

Editor at a newspaper and mum of a five-year-old future astronaut.

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