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Creating the‘wholesome’ child. Bah!

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Creating the‘wholesome’ child. Bah!

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Creating the‘wholesome’ child. Bah!

School…theatre practice…Mandarin class…tuition…homework…

Welcome to my life which has become a jumbled mess of constant stress and exhaustion!

There is a presentation this week; a project due in two days; exams next week and a creative writing competition at the end of the month. Oh! And that cricket tournament just round the corner. The inner-me is trying to cope with this never-ending torment by rocking back and forth in the fetal position and hoping for this nightmare to end already.

There are times, which have become increasingly frequent to be honest, when I feel myself sinking into the abyss of nothingness. Why, in the name of God, is being a student such a difficult phase of life? Has it always been like this or are the parents and teachers of this generation the worst kind of slave drivers? Why on Earth do our parents think we can accomplish everything? And when I complain, I always get the same reply,

Bas school/college/university mein mehnat kar lo, aagay sub halwa hai.”

Honestly, “ab tou aagay ke ‘halway’ par bhi bharosa nahi raha!”

You know what frustrates me the most? When we are termed as the lazy generation.

“Itna kuch karnay ke baad bhi hum lazy hain tou active kon hai bhai???”

There was a time when I used to love cricket and writing was my passion, but when my parents and teachers started pressurizing me to excel at the game, I lost interest. Now, it is nothing more than a burden per se and all my love for it has been squashed by the mental and physical exhaustion that has become a part of my everyday life.

What the parents and teachers fail to understand is that we have a social life too, or we should at least. In this day and age, social connections and networking are important from a very early age and I know that we are thrown into more and more ‘activities’ in order to build those networks but the fact is that networking reaps the best results when it is spontaneous and not controlled.

Moreover, simultaneously managing the weight of school work and the pressure to fit socially is a challenging task that is hard to attain for anyone, let alone us bone-weary students. After all, we have a reputation to maintain among peers. One of our ultimate desires is to be a part of the ‘cool’ gang. Unfortunately, this desire remains just a desire in the wake of your dreams of seeing us acing our exams, winning the tournament cup and excelling at anything and everything.

Parents and teachers, in your desire to develop us into ‘wholesome’ individuals, all you have created is a plethora of sleep-deprived, socially dormant, panic-stricken, mentally and physically exhausted students, whose brains, as a result, have reached the pinnacle of hibernation with zero capacity for productivity!

From a formerly wholesome, currently half-brained student.

A journalist by profession and blogger by interest. She loves writing about social issues, education and everyday experiences. Her hobbies are reading, writing, music and internet surfing.

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